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Damian Conway
Regexp::Grammars - Add grammatical parsing features to Perl 5.10 regexes
Regexp::Grammars::ContextRestorer in lib/Regexp/Grammars.pm
Regexp::Grammars::Precursor in lib/Regexp/Grammars.pm
Regexp::Grammars::TranslatorRestorer in lib/Regexp/Grammars.pm
Changes for version 1.035
    • (All of the following with deepest thanks to Hugo...)
  • Added detection of "stray" quantifiers: unquoted quantifiers that
    • don't actually quantify anything.
  • Added line numbers to all warnings generated by the module
  • Added line-number annotations to the transformed regex as a
    • last-gasp kind of assistance when confronted with the dreaded post-transformation "error marked with <-- HERE" message
  • Allowed rule declarations to be made anywhere
    • (not just at the start of a line)
  • Fixed buggy edge-case for in-rule whitespace auto-matching
    • at start of rule body (now works even if there is only a single whitespace between <rule: NAME> and first element of rule body)
  • Made R::G auto-/x any regex used under its suasion
    • (solves formerly intractable problem of detecting a missing /x)
  • R::G now short-circuits any regex in its scope that does not
    • contain any R::G constructs (and does not auto-/x them either)
  • Removed no-longer-necessar Skip_if_Perl_518.pm from MANIFEST

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