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reply - read, eval, print, loop, yay!
Reply - read, eval, print, loop, yay!
Reply::App - command line app runner for Reply
Reply::Config - config loading for Reply
Reply::Plugin - base class for Reply plugins
Reply::Plugin::AutoRefresh - automatically refreshes the external code you use
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Commands - tab completion for reply commands
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Functions - tab completion for function names
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Globals - tab completion for global variables
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Keywords - tab completion for perl keywords
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Lexicals - tab completion for lexical variables
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Methods - tab completion for methods
Reply::Plugin::Autocomplete::Packages - tab completion for package names
Reply::Plugin::CollapseStack - display error stack traces only on demand
Reply::Plugin::Colors - colorize output
Reply::Plugin::DataDump - format results using Data::Dump
Reply::Plugin::DataDumper - format results using Data::Dumper
Reply::Plugin::DataPrinter - format results using Data::Printer
Reply::Plugin::Editor - command to edit the current line in a text editor
Reply::Plugin::FancyPrompt - provides a more informative prompt
Reply::Plugin::Hints - persists lexical hints across input lines
Reply::Plugin::Interrupt - allows using Ctrl+C to interrupt long-running lines
Reply::Plugin::LexicalPersistence - persists lexical variables between lines
Reply::Plugin::LoadClass - attempts to load classes implicitly if possible
Reply::Plugin::Nopaste - command to nopaste a transcript of the current session
Reply::Plugin::Packages - persist the current package between lines
Reply::Plugin::ReadLine - use Term::ReadLine for user input
Reply::Plugin::ResultCache - retain previous results to be able to refer to them later
Reply::Plugin::Timer - time commands
Changes for version 0.35
    • allow executing snippets and files from the argument list (suggested by tobyink, #36)

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