Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp
and 1 contributors

Changes for version 0.06

  • Added Repository::Simple::Permission to hold the permission constants to avoid a compile-time Catch 22.
  • Updated t/repository.t for the permission constant change.
  • Updated t/engine_memory.t for the permission constant change.
  • Corrected the updatable property on the 'fs:handle' property type to true.
  • Updated t/engine_file_system.t for the permission constant change and to correct the value of the updatable property on 'fs:handle' properties.
  • Added a call to check_permission() in root_node() and get_item() of Repository::Simple.
  • Added sanity checks to check_permission() in Repository::Simple.
  • Added @CARP_NOT to all classes to improve error handling.
  • Added a call to check_permission() in save() of Repository::Simple::Property.
  • Added a call to check_permission() in parent() of Repository::Simple::Node.
  • Added a call to check_permission(), which filters the results without throwing an exception, in nodes() and properties() of Repository::Simple::Node.
  • Addeda call to check_permission() in get_scalar(), get_handle(), set_handle(), and set_scalar() in Repository::Simple::Value.
  • Fixed some typos in error messages and made some minor documentation updates.
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