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Peter Karman
Rose::DBx::Garden::Catalyst - plant Roses in your Catalyst garden
Rose::DBx::Garden::Catalyst::Controller - base Controller class
Rose::DBx::Garden::Catalyst::Excel - View class for Excel output
Rose::DBx::Garden::Catalyst::Form - base RHTMLO Form class
Rose::DBx::Garden::Catalyst::Form::Metadata - RHTMLO Form class metadata
Rose::DBx::Garden::Catalyst::TT - RDGC templates and helpers
Changes for version 0.180
    • update test app scripts with latest catalyst.pl
    • tweek .sql to make autoincrement PKs work for sqlite3
    • change Plugin::Static::Simple to Plugin::Static::Simple::ByClass for test app (now matches SYNOPSIS)
    • switch to File::Slurp::Tiny

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