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SADI Framework
SADI::Simple - Module for creating Perl SADI services.
SADI::Simple::AsyncService - a superclass for asynchronous SADI services
SADI::Simple::Base - Hash-based abstract super-class for all SADI objects
SADI::Simple::OutputModel - a light wrapper around RDF::Trine::Model that simplifies NanoPublications in SADI
SADI::Simple::ServiceBase - a superclass for all SADI::Simple services
SADI::Simple::ServiceDescription - A module that describes a SADI web service.
SADI::Simple::SyncService - a superclass for all synchronous SADI services
SADI::Simple::UnitTest - A module that encapsulates unit test information for sadi services.
SADI::Simple::Utils - internal utils for manipulating RDF
Changes for version 0.15

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