Changes for version 0.54_01 - 2015-08-27

  • on auth method use key passphrase instead of password to refer to the private key passphrase - using password will be deprecated in future releases and is now warned
  • add support for IPv6 via IO::Socket::IP (patch submitted by Baldur Kristinsson)
  • use binmode when transferring data from/to the local filesystem in SCP methods
  • add support for password-interact authentication
  • add fallback option to auth method
  • allow undef as the publickey path (patch submitted by Yuni Kim)
  • on channel write method, when blocking mode is set, call libssh2_channel_write repeatly until the buffer is empty
  • on channel read method, when non-blocking mode is set, don't call libssh2_channel_read repeatly until the buffer is filled
  • add Net::SSH2 known_hosts method and Net::SSH2::KnownHosts class
  • add keepalive_config and keepalive_send methods
  • add channel methods "window_write", "window_read" and "receive_window_adjust"
  • add "Compress" option into "connect" method
  • add "flags" method
  • exit_signal was generating SIGSEGV
  • improve callback handling
  • several documentation clarifications added
  • fix several memory leaks
  • fix several file descriptor leaks
  • Lots of other minor tweaks


Support for the SSH 2 protocol via libssh2.
SSH 2 channel object
SSH 2 SFTP directory object
SSH 2 SFTP file object
SSH 2 knownhosts object
SSH 2 listener object
SSH 2 public key object
SSH 2 Secure FTP object