Changes for version 0.03

  • Fixed bug in escaping of template text. This caused templates containing the characters any of ($, @, %, \) to be rendered incorrectly. Thanks to Smejkal Petr for the report.
  • Improved the quality of generated code - variables are now looked-up once and stored in lexical variables. This has improved performance a small amount.
  • Fixed bug where parameters from previous runs were persisting across calls to new(). Thanks to Tugrul Galatali for the spot.
  • Arguments to new() that modify the compiled object are now included in hashing to create package names. This means that a single template can be used with different options and different compiled objects will be generated. Thanks to Tugrul Galatali for the spot.
  • Added support for case_sensitive option to new().
  • Added new print_to_stdout option to new() to have output printed to STDOUT as it is generated.
  • Added support for ESCAPE. Template syntax support is now complete.


a just-in-time compiler for HTML::Template
base class for compiled templates
Compiler for HTML::Template::JIT