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Changes for version 0.06970016

  • Internal/Behavioral Changes:
    • Alien::FLTK has been split into two projects. See Notes below.
    • cflags() and cxxflags() no longer include list of include directories
    • Renamed include_path() => include_dirs() now that it returns all required include directories
    • Internal method config('blah') now returns blah's data in the config hash
    • Compile using Quartz drawing instead of X11 on Apple OS X
    • Four months of stuff I forgot to keep the changelog up to date for. You could check out the commit logs if you're bored.
  • Notes:
    • Alien::FLTK has been split into two projects. The first, Alien::FLTK will now build the stable 1.3.x branch of FLTK while Alien::FLTK2 will build the 2.0.x branch.
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  • Alien::FLTK2 - Build and use the experimental 2.0.x branch Fast Light Toolkit