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Changes for version 0.08323

  • Upstream Changes:
    • [r7723] Fixed STR #2431. Clipping region fix for fltk::TiledImage
    • [r8317] Added in horizontal mouse scrolling for windows and resolves STR #2325 and half of #1637 by including dirent.h on mingw compilers
    • [r8316] Patch for FileChooser that allows it to keep the "suggested" filename (STR #2488 and STR #1702) when both navigating and to begin with.
    • [r8313] Added in horizontal scrolling for Linux (STR #1964).
    • [r8312] Fix to allow shared libraries to build under msys (STR #2487).
    • [r8304] Added in a SONAME for shared objects (STR #2109) to aid side-by-side 1.x and 2.x installations.
    • [r8302] Committe a patch for STRs #2493 and #2318 regarding multiple keyboard layouts and X.
  • Notes:
    • select patch for win32 updated to apply cleanly against r8323
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  • Alien::FLTK2 - Build and use the experimental 2.0.x branch Fast Light Toolkit