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Sanko Robinson

Changes for version 0.08550

  • Upstream Changes:
    • [r8385] FileChooser now allows users to type absolute paths
    • [r8369] Improves utf8 in fltk::fltk_fopen()
    • [r8418] Upgrade libjpeg to latest version (as of 2011-02-13)
    • [r8416] Upgrade zlib to the latest version (as of 2010-12-02)
    • [r8414] Finishes upgrade of libpng
    • [r8465] FileIcon now loads some defaults under Gnome
  • Notes:
    • Mirrored fltk2 snapshots renamed from fltk-2.0.x-rXXXX.tar.ext to fltk-2.0.x-alpha-rXXXX.tar.ext to make the unstable nature even more evident
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  • Alien::FLTK2 - Build and use the experimental 2.0.x branch Fast Light Toolkit