Revision history for Perl module I18N::LangTags.
                                        Time-stamp: "2004-10-06 23:22:15 ADT"

2004-10-06  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.34

	Bugfix version: locale2language_tag now correctly understands
	locale-IDs with at-signs in them, like 'it_IT.utf8@euro' or 
	'it_IT@euro'.  This is now enforced by the new t/20_locales.t

	Thanks to Luca 'loopback' Cavalli for letting me know about these
	new locale-ID name-styles.
2004-07-01  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.33

	Minor bugfix version:
	The test 80_all_env.t was erroneously failing for people with
	LC_ALL or LC_MESSAGES set.  Fixed.  Thanks to everyone, especially
	Nicholas Clark, who patiently helped out with this.

2004-06-20  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.32

	Minor bugfix version:
	The test 80_all_env.t was erroneously failing under MSWins that
	had Win32::Locale installed.  A workaround added.
2004-06-17  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.31
        Corrected some unevennesses in when/whether the return values from
	I18N::LangTags::Detect's various internal functions would be
	downcased.  Now they're /always/ downcased, and are /always/ fed
	thru alternate_language_tags()!

	Also, spiffed up and generally improved the earlier test
	80_all_env.t, which not even I could make sense of, and I wrote
	the damned thing.  Now it's sane, and checks both scalar and
	list return values.  Thanks to Rafael Garcia-Suarez and the
	various CPAN-Testers for prodding me to fix this.  (Hopefully the
	earlier problems /are/ now fixed!  Otherwise there'll be another
	version of this module out real soon!)

2004-03-30  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.30

	New in I18N::LangTags : implicate_supers and

	New module: I18N::LangTags::Detect.

	Some new tests.

	Thanks to Autrijus Tang for catching some errors in my makefile!

2003-10-10  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 0.29

	Minor bugfix to I18N::LangTags::List code.  Addition of the
	is_decent function, and the 02decency.t test for it.
	Better Makefile.  Thanks to everyone who told me about the
2003-07-20  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.28
	Doc fixes in I18N::LangTags, plus a few added variances (jw/jv,
	 cre/cr, etc.) 
	Lots of updates to I18N::LangTags::List
	Deleted rfc3066.txt from dist.
	Moved to t/01test.t and added more tests.
2002-02-02  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.27 -- minor mods to ::List:
	Fixing its entries for sv-se and sv-fi.
	Typo-fixes and rewordings in the incidental Pod text elsewhere.
2001-06-21  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 0.26 -- just making cosmetic changes
	to, at Jarkko's request.
2001-06-20  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.25 -- just tweaking panic_languages behavior
	for Scandinavian languages.  Much better now.
	Slight tweak to ::List's entries for Greek.
2001-06-20  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 0.24

	* I18N::LangTags -- some elaborate hacks to make us
	recognize legacy aliases like no-nyn == nn.
	Added panic_languages().
	Added :ALL export tag.
	Minor docs fixes, and spiffing up
	* I18N::LangTags::List -- minor corrections; added
	a few aliases.
2001-05-29  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.23

	* I18N::LangTags::List -- minor corrections.  And is now
	a module, not just documentation.

2001-05-27  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.22
	* Now bundling I18N::LangTags::List, a reference for lang tags,
	replacing generate_language_table.plx and language_codes.txt
2001-05-25  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.21

	* extract_language_tags and locale2langauge_tag now
	return untainted output.  Useful if you feed tainted
	things, like $ENV{'LANG'}.
2001-03-13  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.20

	* Added support for RFC 3066 tags: allowing three-letter primary
	tags ("nav"), and allowing digits in subtags ("x-borg-prot3252").

	* Changed all references from RFC 1766 to RFC 3066.

	* Now bundling fulltext of RFC 3066 in the dist.

	* Now bundling generate_language_table.plx and language_codes.txt
	* Added some nice tests to

	* Inverting order of listings in this ChangeLog file.

2000-05-13  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.13

	* Just noting my new email address.

1999-03-06  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.11

	* Added functions
          similarity_language_tag, is_dialect_of,
	  locale2language_tag, alternate_language_tags, and

1998-12-14  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.09

	* Added function super_languages()

1998-10-31  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.08

	* Just changes in the docs and bundle -- no change
	in functionality.

1998-04-02 Sean M. Burke

	* Release 0.07

	* First public release.