Revision history for Perl extension RTF::Writer
                                        Time-stamp: "2003-11-04 02:20:02 AST"

2003-11-04  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.11
	* Minor bugfix version
	* Vitor Hugo reports a problem where ->image and ->image_paragraph
	when called with a picspecs parameter would forget to put
	whitespace before the start of the picture data.  Fixed!
	* A few little doc typoes fixed.
2003-10-14  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.10
	* Loïc Bourgeois catches a nasty error with $rtf->image -- it
	generates one more } than {'s, unbalancing the whole document!
	(No problem with image_paragraph, though.)

	* Tests rewritten to use File::Spec instead of chdir'ing.
	* Added tests for well-formedness ({}-matching).
2003-09-26  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.09
	* Just fixed the Makefile.PL to declare the Image::Size dependency.
2003-09-23  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.08

	* Now supports borders and alignment in table cells.

	* Now supports embedding images, thanks to some pointers from
	David Thielen.
	* CHANGE: previously tables by default had no borders.  Now they
	have a thin solid-line border, by default.  (The original
	behavior was an accident on my part, by the way.)

	* More tests.
	* No longer requires utf8, thanks to a hack adapted from Slaven Rezic:
         BEGIN { eval {require utf8}; $INC{""} = "dummy_value" if $@ }
	 use utf8;
2002-12-07  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.07

	Bugfix: changed internal object %Escape to @Escape, to get around
	some utf8 bugs in hash lookups on utf8-strings.

	Bugfix: Now handles Unicode characters.  But now requires
	the utf8 module.  Probably won't work under versions before 5.6 --
	altho you could always create a consisting of just "1;".

	Bugfix: minor change to the code that inserts newlines in the
	output RTF.  Previous versions could erroneously change
	"\foo \bar" to "\foo[NL] \bar".  Now correctly changes to
	"\foo [NL]\bar".

	Bugfix: the pod documented a new_to_handle, but the routine was
	previously called new_to_fh.  Now there's a new new_to_handle
	aliases to new_to_handle.

	Added compile-time assertion that module is running in an ASCII
	world.  It never worked right under EBCDIC (etc) anyway.

	Full Unicode support doesn't really turn on unless you're under
	Perl 5.7 or later.  Altho you can force it by turning on
	$RTF::Writer::Unicode.  I do this to get around some segfaulty
	errors under 5.6.
2001-07-27  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 1.06 -- bugfix: TableRowDecl would emit pointless
	warnings because of int()ing an undefined value.  Fixed.
2001-06-21  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.05 -- bugfix: on failure, new_to_file stupidly
	reported $1 instead of $!.  Ironic, huh?  Fixed.
2001-05-27  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.04 -- fixing some doc typos caught by
	Matt Olson <> and "David D. Kilzer"
2001-05-16  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 1.03 -- Just fixing minor typos in the docs.
2001-04-26  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 1.02 -- no substantive changes; just fixing the
	horribly screwed up makefile.
2001-04-24  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 1.01 -- first public release