Revision history for Perl extension Sort::ArbBiLex.
                                        Time-stamp: "2001-03-18 00:41:34 MST"

2001-03-19   Sean M. Burke

	* Version 3.40 -- adding comparator functions, and documentation
	and discussion of them.  Adding them to  Adding "use
	integer" to the module, for presumably tiny speed increase.
2000-12-09   Sean M. Burke

	* Version 3.32 -- just fixing incidental typos in the POD.

2000-12-08   Sean M. Burke

	* Version 3.31 -- adding import method; relevent doc changes.
	* Fixing apparently obscure bug in the code to check that glyphs
	in long-form (rLoL) declarations aren't references.
	* Moved all the POD to after the end of the module code.
	* Deturgidified the discussion of runtime/compiletime function
2000-08-22   Sean M. Burke
	* Version 3.21 -- fixing bug that made the second level of sorting
	behave incorrectly in the case of multi-glyph mode.

2000-05-13  Sean M. Burke

	* Version 3.11 -- just noting my new email address.

1999-01-11  Sean M. Burke

	* Release 3.1 -- first release version.

	* Versions before 3.1 -- dozens of test versions I kicked around
	for months and months.  Scads of interface changes, a good
	half-dozen changes in the module name.  Endless changes to the