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Revision history for Perl extension XML::RSS::Timing
                                        Time-stamp: "2004-05-19 12:49:38 ADT"

2004-05-19  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.07
	* Minor bugfix version: I was missing a min_age alias to the
	minAge method.
2004-01-25  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.06
	* In the previous release, 090_date_conv.t spuriously threw some
	errors under MacOS and other systems whose epoch doesn't start at
	1970-01-01T00:00.  Fixed.
2004-01-24  Sean M. Burke
        * Release 1.05
        * No real changes over 1.04, just fixing broken ChangeLog, and
	adding a note to README and docs saying that we don't
	depend on XML::RSS.
2004-01-24  Sean M. Burke
        * Release 1.04
        * Added fuller date-format support for updateBase

2004-01-24  Sean M. Burke
        * Release 1.02
        * Prerelease version
        * Added maxAge

2004-01-15  Sean M. Burke
	* Release 1.01
	* Prerelease version