10/9/99 Version 1.04
A serious error in demacbinary and macb2hex pointed out and patched by Mark
Thompson <mark@moose.tgsoft.com> could cause resource fork corruption.  If
the length of the data fork was an exact multiple of 128, an extra block
would be read from the MacBinary file.  Although it wouldn't be written to
the data fork, it meant that the processing of the resource fork would
start 128 bytes beyond the actual beginning of the resource fork in the
MacBinary file.  He also pointed out that if the filename ended with
whitespace, the space padding used to extract the name from the MacBinary
header would mean that the original filename couldn't be reconstructed.

8/3/99 Version 1.03
Added is_macbinary().  Changed test.pl to a plain text file to make it 
easier to maintain under Unix.

7/15/99  Version 1.02
Fixed stupid 1.01 packaging error.  Put line in Makefile.PL to warn against 
using this anywhere but MacPerl.  Fixed the comparison routine in test.pl so
that it will actually work on 68k machines, by skipping the reserved first
128 bytes of the resource fork.

5/18/99 Version 1.01

Changed macbinary decoding routines to croak when files smaller than 128
bytes are fed to them.  Since the header must be 128 bytes in length, the
file must be corrupt if it doesn't have at least this many bytes.  Added
two tests to test for this by trying to decode an empty file.