a command line client for the Gemini protocol
a MUSH client for Ijirait
serve a wiki as a Gemini site
Phoebe control
a command line client for the Spartan protocol
a text and file uploader for using the Titan protocol


a Gemini-based wiki
block Fediverse instances from Phoebe wiki
add a Gemini-based chat room to ever Phoebe wiki space
add comment pages to Phoebe wiki
use a CSS file for Phoebe wiki served on the web
log visitor IP numbers for Phoebe
serve a favicon via the web for Phoebe
serving sitelen mute image galleries via Gemini
serving a Phoebe wiki via the Gopher protocol
debugging Phoebe memory leaks
uploads using the Iapetus protocol
a Gemini-based MUSH running on Phoebe
serve files from moku pona
act as a Gemini proxy for an Oddmuse wiki
use headings instead of file names
implement the Spartan protocol for Phoebe
defend Phoebe against bots and leeches
serve static files via a Phoebe wiki
serve a linja pona via the web
all Phoebe to serve pages via the web
allow comments on a Phoebe wiki via the web
allow edits of a Phoebe wiki via the web
serve a Wikipedia proxy from Phoebe