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Revision history for Perl script make2build.

0.19 2005/10/13
 - The obligatory usage screen and according switches have 
   been introduced.
 - The verbosity output has been extended to mention the 
   overriding of arguments and arguments that are classified 
   as unknown to the user while conversion is in charge.
 - sort_args() is able to distinguish whether the native
   sorting order should be preserved or the default one
   used instead.
 - do_verbose() outputs based on verbosity levels.

0.18_02 2005/10/12
 - Test failures have been fixed.
 - The code chunk that cleaned args of unneeded whitespace
   has been replaced with a ?{} construct.
 - Commas are added to enclosing brackets.

0.18 2005/09/28
 - The conversion & interpretation of arguments which 
   specify temporary files for removement has been implemented. 
   [ Nathan Gray <> ]
 - Array argument conversion has been integrated with included
   string to elements conversion, when necessary. 

0.17 2005/03/07
 - Added recommends, build_requires, conflicts, pm_files,
   extra_compiler_flags, sign, dist_abstract, dist_author
   to conversion table.

0.16 2005/03/06
 - A notice is placed in the created Build.PL, indicating
   that it was created by make2build.

0.12 2004/02/23
 - ExtUtils::MakeMaker arguments DISTNAME, VERSION, VERSION_FROM, 
   are converted and output sorted.
 - Default value of the license argument has been replaced 
   with 'unknown'.

0.11 2004/02/22
 - Documentation has been largely extended.

0.07 2004/02/19
 - Redundant, unneeded code removed.

0.01 2004/02/09
 - Initial version.