Version 0.01
Detailed Information

Rictus is a simple IRC Bot written in POE.

Documentation Roadmap

Rictus is heavily documented and comes with example config file (bot.cfg)
and a standard bot script (rictus). Both can be found in the examples

Installing Rictus-Bot

Rictus-Bot can be installed through the CPAN or CPANPLUS shell in the usual

  % perl -MCPAN -e shell
  cpan> install Rictus::Bot

  % cpan -i Rictus::Bot
Test Results
The CPAN Testers are a group of volunteers who test new CPAN
distributions on a number of platforms. You can see their test
results at:
POE's ongoing improvement relies on your feedback. You file bug
reports, feature requests, and even success stories by e-mailing

Test Coverage

Rictus-Bot comes with no test but requires that you have the following installed.

Full Change Logs
Thanks to the magic of distributed version control, Rictus-bot is hosted at
Github You can browse the source at:

Complete change logs can also be browsed at thise site. it does
provide RSS news feeds for those who want to follow development in

Thanks for reading!
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