This is an alpha release of the Mail::Stats module for perl5

What does it do?

Mail::Stats is a rework of a perl script I had written to tell me how many
new mail messages I had in my procmail generated mail boxes.  I found that
once I switched to procmail (and had > 20 mailboxes it was filtering in to)
I would often not realize that I had gotten mail.  It is designed with speed
in mind, as I run in on login, which is why it doesn't do much.

Basically it just runs a quick set of regex, counting up all messages,
and all Status or X-Status flags.  It can then do simple math to figure 
out what has changed.

Why is it alpha software?

Because the code is very rough.  I mostly wanted to get it out there so other
people could help me figure out where it works and where it doesn't.  
It has been tested under perl 5.6.0, and perl 5.5.2.  It gives a warning
on perl 5.4.1 (on solaris) about sort routines.

Also the documentation is lacking.  I will change this soon, I promiss.

How do I get started?

After installing this module, you will find a program called countmail
installed.  countmail -h will give you the basic syntax.  You can run
countmail with just command line switches.  Also (for your convenience)
you can set up a ~/.countmailrc file.  A sample is provided with this

Where is this heading?

Don't know yet.  It has been useful to me and my associates, so hopefully
it will be useful to others.

Please report any bugs/suggestions to <>.

Copyright (c) 2000 Sean Dague <>.

All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can
redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.