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Revision history for Perl extension Mail::POP3Client.

This is version 2.14 of Mail::POP3Client.

2.14 2003/03/22
	+ Fixed problem when using SSL connection with SSL socket
	  passed in via Socket();
	+ Added Mail::IMAPClient compatibility calls
	+ Fixed issue with ListArray when POP3 server uses a tab as

2.13 2003/01/09
	+ Added XTND command - submitted by Chris Moates <six at mox dot net>
	+ Added documentation to POD regarding return value of new.
	+ Allow Socket to set the socket (for use with SSL) -submitted by
          Jamie LeTual <jletual at opendesk dot com>.

2.12 2002/09/21
	+ changed calls to _sockread to check for undef on return
	+ removed unused call to inet_aton (support perl 5.8.0)

2.11 2002/06/17
	+ CRAM-MD5 Authentication support (Ville Skytta)
	+ CAPA support (Ville Skytta)
	+ fixed perldoc regarding return value of Connect()

2.10 2001/09/08
        + Corrected problem where login was not attempted if password
          was empty string.

2.9  2001/08/18
        + Fixed bad value for VERSION.

2.8  2001/08/15
	+ add patch for setting LOCALADDR for multi-address machines.
        + add transaction log (reference request/response chain array
          as @{$pop->{tranlog}})
        + remove AutoLoader from @ISA
        + changed HeadAndBodyToFile to return 1 on success and 0 on
        + patch to handle servers that do not return +OK as banner (RFC
          1939 does not appear to allow this)
        + patch to fix problem of response on QUIT command (in Close)
          being ignored.
        + Fixed documentation on Head and HeadAndBody.  Preview lines
          argument was in the wrong one.

2.7  2000/03/25
	+ clarify documentation regarding APOP.
	+ Add support for BEST mode when authenticating.  BEST will
     	  attempt APOP and drop back to PASS on failure.  This is the
	  default for version 2.7 so if you only want APOP, you must
	  specify that.
	+ Fixed problem with some servers not liking 'LIST ' as a
	+ Added BodyToFile and HeadAndBodyToFile, which will write
 	  their output to the given file handle.

2.6  2000/02/15
	+ some servers were not sending any message after the +OK for
          DELE and RSET.  Changed regexps to account for this.

2.5  1999/12/19
	+ Added ListArray to return an indexed array of results of the
	  List command.  Indexes are the server's message numbers,
	  beginning at 1.  Additional info supplied by the server
	  beyond message size may be lost.  The RFC discourages
	  servers from sending this info.
	+ yet another EOF fix (this one for Head(msgnum,linecount))
	  where the read would end prematurely if the message had a
	  line with a period at the beginning of a line (would return
	  less than the number of lines requested).

2.4  1999/11/20
	+ fixed problem created by previous fix.  Lines that had only
	  a . on them were treated as the end of message (since the
	  test was after stripping the . added by the POP3 server).
	  Thanks to Christophe Wolfhugel at oleane dot net.

2.3  1999/10/11
	+ fixed problem where lines beginning with '.' in a mail
          message were not having the extra '.' removed.  The POP3
          server adds this '.' to escape the original '.' so that it
          is not interpreted as the end of message marker.  Pointed
          out by Jim Osborne at Wingra dot com.

2.2  1999/10/10
	+ fixed problem with MacPerl and lingering CR/LF chars on the

2.1  1999/08/19
	+ moved all socket IO to 2 methods to allow debug to print all
	  socket IO. (mitra at earth dot path dot net)
	+ fixed some places where you could get an empty string
	  returned as an error when calling from an array context.
	  Now returns nothing (false for both array and scalar
	+ defaults to APOP (digest) as authentication mode.  Will
	  switch to PASS (cleartext) if server does not claim to
	  support APOP.  This will mean less passwords sent in
	+ fixed example in the Synopsis section (missing argument to
	+ added a simple documentation line for Uidl

2.00 1999/04/29 - major rebuild, including:
	+ changed to hash-style constructor.  See the inline doco.
	  This will be the only supported constructor in later
	+ changed underlying socket code to use IO::Socket.  Timeout
	  settings on the socket are now supported so you can make
	  sure that POP accesses do not hang.
	+ added tests (use POPTESTACCOUNT environment variable to use:
	  '% POPTESTACCOUNT=userid:password:host make test')
	+ module passes strict
	+ you can construct a Mail::POP3Client object which does not
	  auto-connect (by not passing in a USER and PASSWORD) and
	  then connect manually

1.23 1999/04/16
	+ fixed bug in Head when optional number of lines is not passed,
	  set to zero if undefined or non-numeric (submitted by Bjoern
	  Kriews <bkr at cut dot de>)

1.22 1999/04/15
	+ change Retrieve to return HeadAndBody.  It was using too
	  much memory by building both an array and a string to

1.21 1999/04/08
	+ add SYNOPSIS info for perldoc.
	+ add support for previewing messages using second integer
	  argument to Head, as in $pop->Head( 0, 10 ), which would get
	  the headers and the first 10 lines of the body for message
	  0.  Contributed by Dennis Moroney <dennis at hub dot iwl dot net>
	+ convert prints to carps.
	+ change local to my.

1.19 198/12/04
	+ added basic APOP support patches from Gerhard Gonter
	  <gonter at falbala dot wu-wien dot ac dot at>.  Login does not
          currently auto-detect APOP on the server.

1.18 1998/12/04
	+ fixed typo in Body ($$line = ...)
	+ remove set of $\
	+ once again, fix the distribution (this time I built it on a
	  Unix box.  Thanks to Terry Sigle.)

1.17 1998/11
	+ fixed newline/carriage return problem in distribution.

1.16 1998/09
	+ replaced all occurences of chop with chomp.  Should make it
	  more compatible on machines like the Mac.
	+ Removed all uses of $_ =.  Uses locally declared variables
	+ Now compiles with no warnings.