2011-11-16  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cpan.org>

	* VERSION: 0.992

2011-11-14  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cpan.org>

	* sepl: add some docs.

2011-11-10  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cpan.org>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_who): list lexicals in strict-mode.
	(repl_eval,repl_strict,call_strict): eliminate
	Lexical::Persistence, which is more trouble than it's worth.
	(repl_size): list lexical sizes in strict-mode.

2011-11-02  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cpan.org>

	* lib/Sepia/ReadLine.pm (rl_complete): Unify T:R:{Perl,GNU}

2011-10-24  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cpan.org>

	* sepia.el (sepia-[be]ol-from): use line-{beginning,end}-position.
	(sepia-shared-map): remap C-c C-t to cperl-invert-if-unless.

2011-10-23  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cpan.org>

	* lib/Sepia/ReadLine.pm (repl): support Term::ReadLine::Perl.

2011-10-07  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cpan.org>

	* sepia.texi (Navigation): add sepia-pod-follow-link-at-point and
	associated key-reshuffling.
	* sepia.el (sepia-pod-follow-link-at-point): new function to
	follow POD links from source.
	(sepia-metapoint-map): shuffle keys for

2011-03-20  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cpan.org>

	* lib/Sepia/Xref.pm: POD fix.
	* Makefile.PL: don't install .elc files, since that breaks Debian.
	Patches from Hilko Bengen.

2011-03-14  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cpan.org>

	* VERSION: 0.991_05 (testing).
	* sepl: add to MANIFEST

2011-03-14  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cpan.org>

	* VERSION: 0.991_04 (testing).
	* Makefile.PL (prompt_for_infodir): filter out Emacs-spam.

2010-11-05  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cpan.org>

	* sepia.el (sepia-next, sepia-show-locations,sepia-set-found):
	Always use next-error.
	* sepia-w3m.el (w3m-about-perldoc-buffer): let user know when
	there are POD errors.

2010-10-04  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-perldoc-this): Display documentation in a less
	annoying way.
	(cperl-imenu--create-perl-index): Advise it to strip out some entries.

	* Sepia.pm: dumpvar.pl and Devel::Peek format options.

2010-09-21  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (track_requires): New function.
	(file_list): New function.
	Add 'dumpvar' flavor of output.
	(repl_lsmod): New function.
	(requires,users): Use track_requires.

	* sepia.el (sepia-dired-package): New function.
	(sepia-skip-doc-scan): New variable.
	(sepia-doc-update): Use previous to skip confusing files.
	(sepia-find-loaded-modules): New function.
	(cperl-imenu--create-perl-index): Filter cruft.

2010-09-13  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-doc-scan-buffer): Avoid spurious matches.
	(sepia-find-loaded-modules): New function.

2010-09-12  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_strict): Disable Lexical::Persistence's
	stupid treatment of '_'.

2010-08-18  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm: remove useless @REPL_RESULT.  Fix _() to use @res.

2010-08-16  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-shared-map, sepia-eval-region): new function
	bound to `C-c C-r', moving sepia-repl to `C-c C-t'.
	* lib/Sepia.pm: disable deprecation warnings to avoid 5.12 lameness.

2010-02-08  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-looks-like-module): remove apropos-module check.
	* lib/Sepia.pm (_apropos_re): make start anchor optional.
	(inc_re): factor out @INC-removal.
	(module_list): use inc_re().
	(modules_matching): new function.
	(apropos_module): rewrite.

2010-01-24  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_setup): load ~/.sepiarc in $Sepia::PACKAGE.

2010-01-23  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* README: add development information.
	* lib/Sepia.pm (apropos_module): use "_apropos_re"

2009-12-15  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_package): always change packages, even if

2009-12-14  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia/ReadLine.pm: readline interface.
	* lib/Sepia.pm ($READLINE): next-input hook.

2009-12-08  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (methods): uniquify.
	* lib/Sepia.pm, lib/Sepia/Debug.pm: avoid deprecated
	"defined %hash" in 5.11.x.

2009-12-02  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia/Xref.pm (load_pad): work around pad weirdness with
	* VERSION: 0.991_01

2009-11-29  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* Makefile.PL: make LWP::Simple optional.  It didn't do much.
	* sepia-snippet.el (sepia-snippet-abbrev): de-dup, sort, add
	* sepia.el (sepia-shortcuts): update.
	(sepia-complete-symbol): fix sigil duplication bug.
	(sepia-symbol-info): use cperl's variable short-docs.

2009-11-26  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm: reorganize, add docs.
	* sepia.texi (Shortcuts): document ,time
	* Makefile.PL: optional BSD::Resource and Time::HiRes.
	* lib/Sepia.pm (run_hook,add_hook,remove_hook): new functions.
	(repl_time,time_pre_prompt*): print CPU times.

2009-11-25  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-ident-before-point): use s-i-at-point.
	(sepia-ident-at-point): Handle punctuation variables.
	(sepia-describe-object): add "perldoc -v" support.

2009-11-22  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (location): handle special @INC entries.
	* sepia.el (sepia-describe-object): Guess identifier-at-point in
	the right order.

2009-11-18  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-describe-object): new function like
	describe-function and friends.  Currently only "perldoc -f."
	(sepia-init-perl-builtins): bugfix.
	(sepia-repl-mode): turn on eldoc.

2009-11-02  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (location): change to work on only one location,
	since that's how it's used.
	(define_shortcuts): tweak.
	(repl_setup): fix $REPL_LEVEL bug.
	(repl,repl_quit): make quitting from restarted REPLs.

2009-10-28  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-indent-or-complete): work around bug where
	expand-abbrev returns nil even though it expanded.
	(sepia-looks-like-module): use xref-apropos-module.

2009-10-19  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia-cpan.el (sepia-cpan-mode-map): initialize in definition;
	* VERSION: 0.991

2009-10-18  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia/CPAN.pm (group_by_dist): better heuristic.
	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_reload, repl_full_reload, full_reload):
	support "reload" and "freload" shortcuts.
	* lib/Sepia/Debug.pm (xreturn, repl_xreturn): return-from-context,
	not yet used.
	* VERSION: 0.99

2009-10-12  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-symbol-info): tweak on module names.
	(sepia-apropos-module): new function.
	(sepia-perlize-region,sepia-perl-ne-region): interactive prompt fix

2009-07-22  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia-cpan.el (sepia-cpan-doc): make browser pop up in other
	window, like README.

2009-07-18  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (filter_exact_prefix): new function to improve
	completion behavior.

2009-07-07  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (save,load,repl_save,repl_load): Persist
	variables to a file.
	* VERSION: 0.99_01

2009-07-05  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-rename-lexical): New function; a small wrapper
	around query-replace(-regexp).

2009-05-03  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* t/02completion.t (ok_comp): adjust for completion changes.
	* sepia.texi: Variable index.

2009-03-18  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_help): fix formatting with "help CMD"
	(repl_size): sort by size

2008-12-17  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.texi (Completion): we do lexicals.
	* lib/Sepia.pm (lexical_completions): new function.
	(completions): use it.
	* sepia.el (sepia-function-at-point): return nil outside subs.
	(sepia-interactive-arg): fix call to xref-completions.

2008-07-22  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-scratch-send-line): change to use REPL printer.

2008-07-09  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>
	* sepia.el (sepia-indent-line): new function.  Let-bind
	  beginning-of-defun-function for cperl-indent-line.

2008-06-29  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-cont-or-restart): new function to restart
	  quitted REPL.
	* sepia-cpan.el (sepia-cpan-do-{desc,recommend}): oops.
	(sepia-cpan-make-buffer): better column widths
	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_size): skip %SIG to avoid segfaults.
	* lib/sepia/CPAN.pm (group_by_dist): only list "main" module in
	  each distribution, and sort them.

2008-06-20  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* VERSION: 0.97
	* lib/Sepia.pm: fix use of defined().

2008-06-17  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_who,repl_size): turn off added 5.10 strictures.

2008-05-11  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.texi (Mutilation): updated CPAN documentation.
	* sepia-cpan.el (sepia-cpan-desc): add search-by-description
	(sepia-cpan-mode-map): fix keybindings.
	* lib/Sepia/CPAN.pm: have ls/_ls, etc call interesting_parts

2008-05-10  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* VERSION: 0.96_02
	* sepia-cpan.el (sepia-cpan-list, sepia-cpan-make-buffer)
	(sepia-cpan-search): added list-by-author, refactored.
	(sepia-cpan-readme): insert temp file rather than passing as
	* lib/Sepia/CPAN.pm (ls): new function to list author's modules.
	* lib/Sepia/Debug.pm (repl_finish): mostly-working, by adding 0x10
	  to $^P and looking at sub's last line.

2008-01-10  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (columnate): true -> defined
	* VERSION: 0.96_01
	* sepia-cpan.el: new file, experimental CPAN interface.
	* lib/Sepia/CPAN.pm: new file.

2008-01-05  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* README: remove redundant/obsolete documentation

2008-01-02  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (flow): get closer to margin.

2007-12-22  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* t/50expect.t: mysterious change to placate expect.
	* sepia.el (sepia-shared-map): adjust bindings.
	(sepia-complete-symbol): Fix shortcut completion.
	* sepia-snippet.el (sepia-snippet-abbrev): make snippet optional,
	  but mention it.

2007-12-20  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (who): don't apply regex to sigil.
	(completions): fix multi-arg version (used by Emacs).
	(html_module_list,html_package_list): return string if asked.

2007-12-17  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-shared-map): bind cperl-perldoc.

2007-12-16  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* Makefile.PL (test_for): use MakeMaker's prompt().

2007-12-13  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-complete-symbol): add shortcut completion.
	  improve XEmacs compatibility.
	* sepia-w3m.el (sepia-w3m-create-imenu): new function, disabled by
	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_*): don't look at return values; use "last
	  repl" to get out.

2007-11-29  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* t/02completion.t: new completion tests.
	* lib/Sepia.pm (completions): rewrote to simplify.

2007-11-28  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (printer): Don't sort arrays when printing.
	* VERSION: 0.95_02
	* lib/sepia/Debug.pm (warn,die): use Carp for 5.10 compatibility.
	* Makefile.PL (test_for): $|=1 if prompting.

2007-11-27  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-perldoc-this): test for w3m when called.

	* VERSION: 0.95_01
	* t/01basic.t (Sepia): fix tests w/o Module::Info.

2007-11-26  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* VERSION: 0.95
	* lib/sepia/Debug.pm (add_repl_commands): use define_shortcut.
	(warn,die): same.
	(add_debug_repl_commands): new function.
	(repl): use it.

	* lib/Sepia.pm (define_shortcut): new function.
	(define_shortcut): new function.
	(repl_help): auto-format help text; add arg.
	(repl_reload): decrement $REPL_LEVEL.
	(completions): fix abbrev completion.
	(repl): read ~/.sepiarc; use define_shortcuts.
	(repl_format): show current if no argument.
	(module_info): optional dependency.

2007-11-08  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* VERSION: 0.94_01
	* lib/Sepia/Xref.pm: POD fixup.
	* sepia.el (sepia-ensure-process): fix stupid attachtty mistake.

2007-11-05  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/sepia/Debug.pm (repl_break): allow "0" as a break condition.

2007-10-31  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_size): ",size" command to list variable sizes,
	like Matlab's "whos".

2007-10-16  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucla.edu>

	* VERSION: 0.93

	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_pwd): add ",pwd" shortcut.
	(repl_who): use current package when only regex given.

	* sepia.el (sepia-repl,sepia-ensure-process): add remote
	  connection with attachtty.
	(sepia-shared-map): bind \C-c\C-e to eval-expression.
	(sepia-symbol-info): be more selective about "core version".

2007-09-25  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (printer): remove "=>" -- it's annoying.

2007-09-21  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-load-file): disable debugger.
	(sepia-symbol-info): be pickier about module core versions.

2007-09-20  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_who): use current package if only one arg
	  given, and it's not an existing package.

2007-09-18  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-watch-for-eval): fix hang with recursive sepia-eval.

2007-07-25  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-interactive-arg): use xref-completions rather
	than xref-apropos for working completion.

2007-07-25  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* sepia.el (sepia-defun-around-point): change the command to a
	function, because as a command it does nothing.
	(define-modinfo-function, sepia-maybe-echo): the interactive-p
	is not true when call as function.
	(define-modinfo-function, sepia-init): some modinfo-function
	should eval in a list-context.
	(sepia-mode): use cperl-mode-abbrev-table as current local-abbrev-table

2007-07-24  Ye Wenbin  <wenbinye@gmail.com>

	* sepia.el (sepia-set-found): Use (OFFSET . LIST) to represent
	things that found.
	(sepia-next, sepia-previous): more generic move commands
	(sepia-refiner): remove the test, because sometimes use the
	same declaration, but found in difference place.

	* sepia-tree.el (sepia-tree-button-cb): widget => pw and
	xref-location return a list of posible locations.
	(sepia-tree-tidy-buffer, sepia-tree-use-image): Let user
	to choose whether use image or not. Set it to a buffer-local
	variable, so that it didn't interference global values.

	* sepia.el (sepia-extract-def): seem an argument is excessive

	* sepia-tree.el (sepia-build-tree-buffer): In my emacs, it
	doesn't work. The :dynargs didn't become the tree-widget
	:expander. The tree-widget-convert-widget only receive the
	'tree-widget, not the total list.
	sepia-install-keys not defined.

	* lib/Sepia/Xref.pm (file_modules): seem it is a typo error to use
	Module::Include rather than Module::Info.
	Module::Info::packages_inside return an array, the operator
	|| will force in a scalar context.

	* sepia.el (sepia-lisp-to-perl): use "'" to quote string is not
	enough,	because the string may also contain "'" inside.
	use (format "%S" string) instead.
	(define-sepia-query): `sepia-set-found' accept a symbol as
	argument, not (quote symbol).

2007-06-09  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* VERSION: 0.92
	* sepia.el (sepia-shared-map, etc.): fix keymap initialization.

2007-06-06  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* lib/Sepia/Debug.pm: eval in lexical env when in debugger.
	* t/50expect.t: REPL tests if you have Test::Expect.
	* lib/Sepia/Debug.pm: use correct level when none given.
	* lib/Sepia.pm: No longer bring in exporter (why did we?).
	* sepia.el (sepia-init): always reinitialize sepia-mode-map.
	* Makefile.PL: require 5.006 for warnings to quiet stupid "make

2007-06-05  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* Sepia.html: generate single-page manual instead of split.
	* VERSION: 0.90
	* sepia.el: docstring cleanup.
	* lib/sepia/Debug.pm: misc usability improvements

2007-06-04  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* VERSION 0.90_02
	* test.pl: disable Module::Info tests to avoid Module::Info bug.

2007-06-02  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* VERSION 0.90_01
	* Major: replaced comint- with gud-based REPL, use real debugger.
	* lib/Sepia/Debug.pm: "perl -d" support.
	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_shell): new command.
	* sepia.el (sepia-eval-defun): detect errors, jump to first.
	(sepia-comint-setup): don't set comint-use-prompt-regexp
	(sepia-eval-defun,sepia-beginning-of-defun,sepia-end-of-defun): fix

2007-06-01  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-perldoc-this): don't mess up window
	  configuration when the page isn't found.
	(sepia-location): use sepia-interactive-arg.
	(sepia-perl-[np]e-region): fix.

	* lib/Sepia.pm: fix.
	(print_dumper): switch format based on size.

2007-05-30  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>
	* sepia.texi: shiny new manual.
	* lib/Sepia.pm (completions): add special 'VARIABLE' type.
	(methods): add second $qualified arg.
	(repl_reload): new function.
	(sig_warn,repl): override __WARN__ (and __DIE__) cautiously.
	(repl): nicer warning format.

	* sepia.el (sepia-eval-raw): stopwarn -> STOPWARN.
	(sepia-load-file): Fix pop-up error buffer.
	(sepia-lisp-to-perl): fix quoting of strings.
	Good citizenship:
	(sepia-mode): make a real major mode.
	(sepia-scratchpad-mode): ditto.

2007-05-29  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* lib/sepia/Xref.pm (pp_method_named): warn -> dprint.
	* sepia.el (sepia-simple-method-before-point): new function.
	(sepia-complete-symbol): use it to complete methods.
	make w3m optional:
	  sepia-module-list-function): new variables.
	(sepia-perldoc-this,sepia-view-pod): new functions.
	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl): trim leading spaces.
	(tolisp): escape metacharacters.
	(repl): don't override "die" if someone has installed a
	$SIG{__DIE__} handler

2007-05-28  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* VERSION: 0.75+
	* sepia.el (sepia-core-version): new function.
	(sepia-indent-or-complete): fix abbrev expansion.
	(sepia-symbol-info): report core version in eldoc.
	(sepia-ident-before-point): new function.
	(sepia-complete-symbol): use it instead of *-at-point.
	(sepia-complete-symbol): complete arrays and hashes when '$'
	starts a word.
	* lib/Sepia.pm (printer): Use @::__; distinguish "last as scalar"
	  $__ from printed representation.
	($PRINT_PRETTY): columnate lists if this is on.
	(columnate): fixed.
	(repl_methods): add regex argument.
	(repl_who): fix.
	(completions): Add in package names.

2007-05-27  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_methods): fixed.

2007-05-26  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* VERSION: 0.74
	* sepia.el (sepia-doc-scan-buffer): Better doc regex for
	(sepia-indent-or-complete): try to expand abbrevs before
	  completion (try with snippet.el).
	(sepia-indent-expand-abbrev): control the above feature.
	(sepia-complete-symbol): scroll completion buffer; suggested by
	  Hilko Bengen.
	* lib/Sepia.pm (html_package_list,html_module_list): new
	(completions): '$'-completion only generates scalars.
	* sepia-w3m.el: remove spurious sepia-module-list, improve
	(sepia-module-list,sepia-package-list): better output.
	(sepia-package-list,sepia-module-list): move Perl code to
	  Sepia.pm, generate list in inferior perl instead of shelling

2007-05-23  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (_apropos_re): handle empty completions.
	(columnate): pretty-print ",who" output.
	* sepia.el (sepia-complete-symbol): bury stale completions buffer;
	  suggested by Hilko Bengen.

2007-05-17  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (_completions1): Fix infinite recursion.
	(repl): typo; clarify ambiguous vs. unrecognized shortcuts.

2007-05-15  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-dwim): don't try to jump to location when
	  looking up module docs.
	* lib/Sepia.pm: use $::__ instead of $Sepia::__
	(repl_quit): new command.
	(repl): add banner.

2007-05-12  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* VERSION: 0.72
	* Makefile.PL: add license.

2007-05-09  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* VERSION: 0.71
	* sepia.el (sepia-load-file): set inhibit-read-only when
	  displaying errors.
	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_methods): walk ISA hierarchy looking for
	  functions (XXX: this is much too coarse).
	(repl_help): use %REPL_DOC to hold command documentation for
	easier extension.
	(repl): display error on canceled continued statement.

2007-05-07  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (repl_strict): add 'strict mode' (thanks to
	  Lexical::Persistence) for those who swing that way (I don't),
	  inspired by Devel::REPL.
	(repl_wantarray): Fix logic.

2007-04-25  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* VERSION: 0.70
	* README: add license.
	* Makefile.PL: remove dependency on Sub::Uplevel, make PadWalker
	* lib/Sepia.pm (who): add optional regex filter.
	(debug_inspect): fix non-scalar printing.
	* sepia.el (sepia-dwim): fix staleness; change to find
	  documentation for modules.
	(sepia-find-module-file): new function to try sepia- and xref-
	module file-finding functions.
	(sepia-next): use it.
	(sepia-filter-by-module,sepia-filter-by-all): remove.
	(sepia-keymap): use `sepia-dwim' for M-.

2007-04-15  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* lib/Sepia.pm (who): add optional regex argument.

2007-03-30  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia-w3m.el (sepia-module-list, sepia-package-list): added
	  detailed index of installed modules.
	* VERSION: 0.68

2007-03-16  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-set-found): filter spurious nils (XXX: this
	  really needs a fix).
	  (sepia-symbol-info): avoid eldoc errors in ecase.

2007-03-15  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-complete-symbol): fallback completion of
	* set COPY_EXTENDED_ATTRIBUTES_DISABLE=true to avoid creating ._*
	  files (RT #25490).

2007-03-15  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* VERSION: 0.67
	* sepia-ido.el: clean up bitrot.
	* lib/Sepia.pm (apropos): don't create new stashes during
	* sepia.el (sepia-show-locations): bind inhibit-read-only; filter
	  out mysterious NILs.
	* Makefile.PL: require PadWalker 1.0 (RT #25463)

2007-03-13  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* VERSION: 0.66
	* README (TODO): user-defined REPL abbrevs.
	* lib/Sepia.pm (print_*): optional printing via YAML and
	  Data::Dump (from Shell::Perl).
	(repl_wantarray): change eval context (same).
	(repl_format): set formatter (same).

2007-03-09  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* VERSION: 0.65
	* sepia.el (sepia-keymap): add *-apropos, find-tag bindings.
	* README: add organized function index.
	* sepia.el (sepia-beginning-of-defun, sepia-end-of-defun):
	  fix argument to be prefix instead of point.
	* sepia.el: documentation.
	* sepia-ido.el: documentation.
	* README: cleanup; note limitation of sepia-bodf and -eodf.

2007-02-25  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* Makefile.PL: add Scalar::Util as prereq.
	* sepia.el (sepia-perl5lib): new variable holding extra PERL5LIB
	* sepia.el (sepia-init): use it.
	* sepia.el (sepia-comint-setup): don't clobber keymap.
	* sepia.el (sepia-indent-or-complete): complete first time if at
	  end of word.
	* Sepia.pm (completions): enhanced completion -- e.g. "wtf"
	  matches "want_to_feed".
	* Sepia.pm (printer): special-case PDL to use its stringification
	  (XXX: should test for overloaded "").
	* Sepia.pm (who,repl_who): new functions.

2006-09-29  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* Sepia.pm (Dump): wrap with eval to prevent unexpected exits.
	* Sepia.pm (repl_chdir): expand '~' and '$HOME'

2006-07-01  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* Sepia.pm (tolisp): undef -> nil
	* sepia.el (sepia-eval-raw): guess package.
	* sepia.el (sepia-init): don't pop-to-buffer with prefix argument.
	* sepia.el (sepia-beginning-of-defun,sepia-end-of-defun): avoid
	* sepia.el (sepia-buffer-package): look backward from point
	  instead of forward from point-min.

2006-05-24  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* Makefile.PL: added missing dependencies on PadWalker,
	* Sepia.pm: improved ",command"
	* sepia-w3m.el (sepia-w3m-perldoc-this): simplify.
	* sepia.el (perl-*): rename to sepia-*.
	* sepia.el: reorg and cleanup.
	* VERSION: 0.63

2006-05-19  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia.el: fixed eldoc support.  This only works with CVS Emacs,
	  relying on `eldoc-documentation-function'.  Also fixed pod
	  scanning for eldoc.

2006-05-18  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia.el, Sepia.pm: improved bulk-transfer protocol.
	* Sepia.pm: override die with simple inspector/debugger.
	* Sepia.pm: $__ and @__ now contain results of the last
	* sepia.el, Sepia.pm: primitive support for evaluating elisp sent
	  from Perl.  Turn on comint-use-prompt-regexp because the fields
	  stuff is flaky with this.
	* sepia.el, Sepia.pm: ",cd" shortcut coordinates directory with
	* VERSION 0.61, 0.62

2006-04-14  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* generic-repl.el: replaced by comint.
	* all: removed EPL dependency.
	* VERSION 0.59

2005-07-12  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia-w3m.el: fix function name so it's found.
	* Xref.pm, Sepia.pm: cleanup and numerous bugfixes.
	* Buffer.pm: new, but not ready for prime-time
	* sepia.el: delete-thing-at-point removed; misc bugfixes.
	* test.pl: disabled a bunch of location stuff.
	* VERSION 0.58

2004-09-10  Sean O'Rourke  <sorourke@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* test.pl: some real tests.
	* Sepia.pm, Xref.pm: Separate simple symbol-table searching from
	  Xref, making the former more reliable.
	* Xref.pm: More reliable detection of (class) method calls.
	* sepia.el: results are not displayed for expressions ending in
	  ';' (c.f. Octave).

2004-04-12  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-doc-scan-buffer): Make regular expressions a
	bit better.
	(sepia-ident-at-point): handle upper-case function and variable
	names for completion (a bit hacky...).
	(sepia-install-keys): fix keymap installation.

2004-04-11  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* Xref.pm (guess_module_file): do like Module::Info and trust
	%INC more than our Xref info.  But don't be _too_ smart about
	this -- we were picking up lots of bogus exports.
	(pp_method_named): add support for constant-named methods (cribbed
	from B::Concise).

2004-04-10  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* Xref.pm: update $VERSION to track Sepia release.

	* sepia.el (sepia-indent-or-complete): only complete on the
	second TAB.

2004-04-09  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia.el (sepia-refiner): tweak refining function a bit more.
	I'm still not entirely happy with this, but it's getting better.
	Time and experimentation are required.

	* sepia-tree.el (sepia-calle[er]-tree): New file.  Use
	caller/callee information to generate tree-view using David
	Ponce's wonderful tree-widget.

	* Xref.pm (_apropos_re): Add that Emacs-style multipart-word
	completion, so e.g. D:v_d -> Devel::Xref::var_defs.  It's groovy,
	(%firstline): gone.  Just getting a line within the sub is good
	enough -- we can fix it on the Emacs side of the fence later.

2004-04-08  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia-w3m.el (sepia-w3m-perldoc-this): work for functions as
	well as modules, and try to go to correct position in manpage.

	* sepia.el (sepia-eval-buffer): use 'BEGIN{ die }' to do Xrefs
	for scripts without loading them.

	* Xref.pm: Localize a bunch of things instead of stomping on
	package lexicals.  This makes the module better handle repeated
	use, for which it wasn't designed.

	* Xref.pm (mod_subs): Rename package_subs for consistency.
	(mod_decls): New function to generate decls for evaluation.

	* sepia.el: misc bug-fixes, and better support for redefining
	functions with sepia-eval-defun, especially preserving files and
	line numbers.
	(sepia-eval): remove newlines to make line-numbers make more
	sense to user.
	(sepia-interactive-arg): delay reading completions to speed up
	\M-. functions.
	(sepia-refiner): search both forward and backward, to adjust for
	e.g. adding comments.  Still not so good, but better.

2004-04-06  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* sepia-w3m.el: moved w3m-perldoc support here.

	* README: added description, removed disclaimer

	* sepia.el (sepia-symbol-info, sepia-doc-update): POD scanning
	and cperl hackage for eldoc support.

2004-04-05  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* Xref.pm (redefined,forget): make them take a single sub at a
	time, and pay attention to packages.
	(_apropos): use package info to narrow choices.

	* sepia.el (sepia-eval-defun,sepia-eval-buffer): new functions.

	* test.pl: satisfy the cpants Fascists.

	* Xref.pm (use_type): try to be smarter about when something's
	being assigned to, vs. merely used as a reference.

	* sepia.el (sepia-repl-header): keep up with generic-repl by
	doing header line, working dir.
	(sepia-complete-symbol): stupid bug with modules.
	(sepia-install-keys): new function.
	(sepia-var-assigns): assignments are more useful than defs.
	(sepia-init): start REPL by default.

	* generic-repl.el (repl-cd,repl-set-header): "new" function from
	Slime to track working dir, update header line.

2004-04-04  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* Sepia.jpg: don't ask -- just look.

	* sepia.el (sepia-ident-at-point): fixed bug with sigils.
	(sepia-complete-symbol): fixed bug with undefined function
	Always use Data::Dumper.

	* any-repl.el: new file implementing REPL, basically stolen from

	* pscope.el: renamed to sepia.el to go with name change.

2004-04-03  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* pscope.el (pscope-set-found): remove locations with no
	file in package "main", which were causing errors before.
	(pscope-dwim): new function.  New functions
	pscope-complete-symbol and pscope-indent-or-complete for
	symbol completion.  Not well-tested, but they seem to work.
	The most annoying thing is that since the Xref db isn't
	automatically updated, it won't always know as much as you
	(pscope-load-file): new function.

	* Xref.pm: update export lists to reflect new functions.

2004-04-02  Sean O'Rourke  <seano@cs.ucsd.edu>

	* Xref.pm: minor cleanup.

	* pscope.el: pass module, file, line to Perl side (where it's
	ignored for now); fix line number refinement to be a
	little less over-eager; fix pscope-callees to go to sub
	definitions instead of call sites.

	* README: added TODO section.