Sepia - Simple Emacs-Perl Interface

@compls = completions($string [, $type])

Find a list of completions for $string with glob type $type. Completion operates on word subparts separated by [:_], so e.g. "S:m_w" completes to "Sepia::my_walksymtable".

@locs = location(@names)

Return a list of [file, line, name] triples, one for each function name in @names.

@matches = apropos($name [, $is_regex])

Search for function $name, either in all packages or, if $name is qualified, only in one package. If $is_regex is true, the non-package part of $name is a regular expression.

@names = mod_subs($pack)

Find subs in package $pack.

@decls = mod_decls($pack)

Generate a list of declarations for all subroutines in package $pack.

$info = module_info($module, $type)

Emacs-called function to get module information.

$file = mod_file($mod)

Find the likely file owner for module $mod.


Return a list of $subname's lexical variables. Note that this includes all nested scopes -- I don't know if or how Perl distinguishes inner blocks.

$lisp = tolisp($perl)

Convert a Perl scalar to some ELisp equivalent.

printer(\@res [, $iseval])

Print @res appropriately on the current filehandle. If $iseval is true, use terse format. Otherwise, use human-readable format.


Execute a command interpreter on FH. The prompt has a few bells and whistles, including:

  * Obviously-incomplete lines are treated as multiline input.

  * C<die> is overridden to enter a recursive interpreter at the point
    C<die> is called.  From within this interpreter, you can examine a
    backtrace by calling "bt", return from C<die> with "r EXPR", or
    go ahead and die by pressing Control-c.

Behavior is controlled in part through the following package-globals:

$PS1 -- the default prompt
$stopdie -- true to enter the inspector on die()
$stopwarn -- true to enter the inspector on warn()
$fancy -- true for pretty-printing via Data::Dumper
%REPL -- maps shortcut names to handlers

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