Git::Bunch - Manage gitbunch directory (directory which contain git repos)


version 0.13


To check the status of bunch (will do a 'git status' for each git repo inside the bunch and report which repos are 'unclean', e.g. needs commit, has untracked files, etc):

 % gitbunch check ~/repos

To synchronize bunch to another (will do a 'git pull' for each git repo, and do an rsync for everything else):

 % gitbunch sync ~/repos /mnt/laptop/repos

To backup bunch (will only rsync .git/ for each git repo to destination, and rsync everything else in full):

 % gitbunch backup ~/repos /media/flashdisk


A gitbunch or bunch directory is just a term I coined to refer to a directory which contains, well, a bunch of git repositories. It can also contain other stuffs like files and non-git repositories (but they must be dot-dirs). Example:

 repos/            -> a gitbunch dir
   proj1/          -> a git repo
   proj2/          -> ditto
   perl-Git-Bunch/ -> ditto
   .foo/           -> a non-git dir
   README.txt      -> file

A little bit of history: after git got popular, in 2008 I started using it for software projects, replacing Subversion and Bazaar. Soon, I moved everything to git: notes & writings, Emacs .org agenda files, configuration, even temporary downloads/browser-saved HTML files. Currently, except large media files, all my personal data resides in git repositories. I put them all in ~/repos (and add symlinks to various places for convenience). This setup makes it easy to sync to laptops, backup to disk, etc. Git::Bunch is the library/script I wrote to do this.

See also File::RsyBak, which I wrote to backup everything else.


None of the functions are exported by default, but they are exportable.





Steven Haryanto <>


This software is copyright (c) 2011 by Steven Haryanto.

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