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Steven Haryanto
Perinci - Collection of Perl modules for Rinci and Riap
Perinci::Access - Wrapper for Perinci Riap clients
Perinci::Access::Base - Base class for Perinci Riap clients
Perinci::Access::InProcess - Use Rinci access protocol (Riap) to access Perl code
Perinci::Access::InProcess::MetaAccessor - Default class to access metadata in
Perinci::Sub::dep::pm - Depend on a Perl module
Perinci::Util - Utility routines
Changes for version 0.08
    • InProcess: implement actions 'child_metas' and 'get' (Rinci 1.1.8 & 1.1.9 spec).
    • Better error message when module is not found or has compile errors.

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