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Steven Haryanto
peri-run - Run commands (from any Riap function) on the command-line
symlink-with-undo - Create symlink, with undo/redo capability
Perinci::CmdLine - Rinci/Riap-based command-line application framework
Perinci::CmdLine::Easy - A simple interface to run a subroutine as command-line app
Perinci::CmdLine::I18N - Project class for Perinci::CmdLine
Perinci::CmdLine::I18N::en - English translation for Perinci::CmdLine
Perinci::CmdLine::I18N::id - Indonesian translation for Perinci::CmdLine
Changes for version 0.50
    • Interpret --dry-run (or environment DRY_RUN=1) and pass -dry_run=>1 to functions that have the dry_run feature.
    • Don't treat 304 status as error (still return exit code 0).

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