Steven Haryanto

Changes for version 0.34

    • Follow Rinci 1.1.32.
    • Wrapper code now validates result.
    • Wrapper code now rejects invalid args (like 'foo bar') unless new option 'allow_invalid_args' is turned on.
    • Wrapper code now rejects unknown args (those not specified in 'args' metadata property), unless new option 'allow_unknown_args' is turned on.
    • Add options 'validate_args' to allow skipping validating arguments, 'validate_result' to allow skipping validating result, 'skip' to skip certain properties, 'allow_unknown_args', 'allow_invalid_args'.
    • Most wrapping options can now be specified in the metadata attributes ('_perinci.sub.wrapper.*', e.g. '_perinci.sub.wrapper.validate_args').
    • Move caller() to Perinci-Util (Perinci::Sub::Util) to reduce startup overhead modules which only need caller() and not the whole wrapper.
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