Steven Haryanto

Changes for version 0.51

  • This release removes some features to make the module simpler and has less overhead for simpler cases. The wrapper is now also able to generate code appropriate for embedding directly into source code during build (see Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Rinci::Wrap for more details).
    • New option embed=>1 to generate code suitable for embedding/insertion to existing code. Most users need not use it directly; instead, use Dist::Zilla::Plugin::Rinci::Wrap instead.
    • Add option log=>1 (enabled by default) to generate wrap log (instead of blessing the subroutine). This log contains information that can help avoid duplicating argument validation, etc.
    • Remove option: remove_internal_properties (becomes internal _remove_internal_properties).
    • Remove options: allow_invalid_args and allow_unknown_args (they are regulated by validate_args).
    • Remove option: normalize_schema (becomes internal _schema_is_normalized).
    • Remove option: skip (unused).
    • Remove option: trap (automatically will generate trap if needed).
    • Remove option: forbid_tags (unused; currently only used to forbid properties that generate 'die', but since we'll trap at the level of Perinci::Access::Perl and Perinci::Access::HTTP::Server instead of function wrapper, this is okay).
    • Remove function: wrap_all_subs() (unused)
    • Remove the reading of _perinci.sub.wrapper.* meta attributes (replace it with x.perinci.sub.wrapper.log).
    • Remove the reading of PERINCI_WRAPPER_VALIDATE_ARGS.
    • All variables in the generated code are now prefixed by '_w_' to reduce the possibility of clash. The one exception is 'args' (%args/@args/$args).
    • Wrapper code is more minimalistic when there are not much to do (e.g. validate_args=>0, validate_result=>0), to reduce overhead and clutter (especially when embed=>1).
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