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Steven Haryanto
SHARYANTO::Array::Util - Array-related utilities
SHARYANTO::HTML::Extract::ImageLinks - Extract image links from HTML document
SHARYANTO::HTTP::DetectUA::Simple - A very simple and generic browser detection library
SHARYANTO::Package::Util - Package-related utilities
SHARYANTO::Proc::ChildError - Explain process child error
SHARYANTO::Proc::Daemon::Prefork - Create preforking, autoreloading daemon
SHARYANTO::Role::Doc::Section - Role for class that generates documentation with sections
SHARYANTO::Role::I18N - Role for internationalized class
SHARYANTO::Role::I18NMany - Role for internationalized class
SHARYANTO::Role::I18NRinci - Role for class that wants to work with language and Rinci metadata
SHARYANTO::Template::Util - Recursively process .tt files
SHARYANTO::Text::Prompt - Prompt user question
SHARYANTO::Utils - SHARYANTO's temporary namespace for various routines
SHARYANTO::YAML::Any - Pick a YAML implementation and use it.
SHARYANTO::YAML::Any - Pick a YAML implementation and use it.
Changes for version 0.18
    • No functional changes. Split SHARYANTO::String::Util to its own dist to
    • avoid circular dependency problem with Perinci-Object.

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