Steven Haryanto

Changes for version 0.9.10

    • Simplify syntax for 'if' clause. Argument back to 3-element array [COND, THEN, ELSE]. Whether COND/THEN/ELSE is an expression, schema, clause set, or simple true/false is determined by its type (str, array, str, hash, bool). This improves readability.
    • Replace '.input' attribute with 'prop' and 'check_prop' clauses (and possibly others in the future). '.input' does not provide a clean switch between types (e.g. to express string which has an even length, we used ["str", "div_by.input", ["prop", "len"], "div_by", 2], but 'div_by' is not a clause for str. Now we simply use: ["str", "prop", ["len", ["int", "div_by": 2]]] or ["str", "check_prop", "$_ % 2 == 0"].
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  • Sah - Schema for data structures (specification)