Sub::Spec::HTTP::Client - Call remote functions via HTTP


version 0.04


 use Sub::Spec::HTTP::Client qw(call_sub_http);
 my $res = call_sub_http(
     url    => 'https://localhost:1234/',
     module => 'Foo::Bar',
     sub    => 'my_sub',
     args   => {arg1=>1, arg2=>2},


This module provides one function, call_sub_http.

This module uses Log::Any.

This module's functions has Sub::Spec specs.


None are exported, but they can be.

call_sub_http(%args) -> [STATUS_CODE, ERR_MSG, RESULT]

Call remote functions via HTTP.

The Sub::Spec::HTTP::Server module can serve function call requests over HTTP. This function does the requests. Basically what this function does is just construct HTTP request, encode arguments in JSON format into the request body, send the request, and read the HTTP response.

The HTTP response can contain log messages in HTTP response chunks, which will be "rethrown" by this function into Log::Any log calls (or fed into callback subroutine instead, if a callback is provided).

The remote function's response is encoded in JSON format by the server; this function will decode and return it.

Returns a 3-element arrayref. STATUS_CODE is 200 on success, or an error code between 3xx-5xx (just like in HTTP). ERR_MSG is a string containing error message, RESULT is the actual result.

Arguments (* denotes required arguments):

  • url* => str

    URL of server.

  • module* => str

    Name of module to call.

  • sub* => str

    Name of function to call.

  • args => hash

    Function arguments.

  • implementor => str

    If specified, use this class for http LWP::Protocol::implementor.

    To access Unix socket server instead of a normal TCP one, set this to 'LWP::Protocol::http::SocketUnix'.

  • log_callback => code

    Pass log messages to callback subroutine.

    If log_callback is not provided, log messages will be "rethrown" into Log::Any logging methods (e.g. $log->warn(), $log->debug(), etc).

  • log_level => str

    Value must be one of:

     ["fatal", "error", "warn", "info", "debug", "trace"]

    Request logging output from server.


If you use the LWP::Protocol::http::SocketUnix implementor, you will get a network failure error: "500 - No Host option provided". This is a reported bug in LWP::Protocol::http::SocketUnix. For detailed description and remedy, see:





Steven Haryanto <>


This software is copyright (c) 2011 by Steven Haryanto.

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