Revision history for App-Timestamper

0.2.1       2020-07-07
    - Fix the =head1 NAME in bin/timestamper
        - Thanks to @oalders .

0.2.0       2018-03-31
    - Refer to App-Timestamper-Format.

v0.0.7      2015-09-28
    - Set the minimal perl version to 5.14.x due to failing tests in ancient
    perl versions.
        - I'm sorry it has come to this.
        - Thanks to Nigel Horne for his cooperation with diagnosing
        a CPAN Testers failure in perl-5.8.8.

v0.0.6      2015-09-26
    - Add t/pod-sanity.t for testing that some strings occur in the POD.
    - Add META.json.
        - Thanks to ETHER.

v0.0.5      2015-09-23
    - Add a call to “STDOUT->autoflush(1)” in one place.
        - This is so the output will be available immediately.

v0.0.4      2015-09-19
    - Add “./contrib/ts-format”.
        - See the “Common Requests” section of the POD.
    - Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day - Arrrrrrrrrr!
    - Happy Software Freedom Day.

v0.0.3      2015-07-28
    - Add a prereq on Getopt::Long 2.36 by fixing the "use" line.
        - Thanks to this CPAN Testers report:
        - Thanks to Altreus from for some insights.

v0.0.2      2015-07-26
    - Implement better granularity for the time stamps.
    - Add some explanation for possible use cases for the program.

v0.0.1      2015-07-05
    - First version, released on an unsuspecting world