Revision history for Perl extension File-Remove

1.61    2022-06-13 - Shlomi Fish
    - Merged

1.60    2020-10-22 - Shlomi Fish
    - Add .tidyallrc + related changes
    - Fix mismatched $VERSION.
        - Thanks to William Storey, PMPERRY, and @briang for the report

1.59    2020-10-16 - Shlomi Fish
    - dist.ini / weaver.ini / .tidyallrc / etc. cleanup
        - Move to @SHLOMIF
        - Inspired by Lady_Aleena.

1.58    2018-10-04 - Shlomi Fish
    - Added [MetaJSON] to dist.ini, so releases include a META.json

1.57    2016-04-24 - Shlomi Fish
    - Correct the copyright holder and year.
    - Add a test for Kwalitee and 'use warnings'.

1.56    2016-03-23 - Shlomi Fish
    - Remove the Build.PL so there won't be two build files.
        - I think it doesn't matter too much with Dist-Zilla, but to avoid
        future complaints, I decided to comply with the request.
        - Thanks to Karen Etheridge (ETHER) for the report.

1.55    2016-01-11 - Shlomi Fish
    - Add the "{ glob => 0 }" option to remove().
        - See
        - Thanks to SHARYANTO for the request.

1.54    2016-01-10 - Shlomi Fish
    - Fix a typo in the documentation:
        - Thanks to DFH, and dsteinbrunner for the report.
    - Hopefully fix the GitHub remote to make it more MetaCPAN-friendly.

1.53    2016-01-10 - Shlomi Fish
    - Convert the distribution from Module-Install to Dist-Zilla.
        - Module-Install is undermaintained and unloved.
    - Fix a problem running the tests in parallel.
        - Thanks to ETHER, RJBS, and KENTNL for the report and the analysis.
        - Earlier report by EDENC - thanks as well.
    - Removed trailing whitespace and \r-s.
        - The \r-s confused Dist-Zilla abstract extraction.

1.52    2012-03-19 - Adam Kennedy
    - No functional changes
    - Updating Module::Install to 1.06
    - Moved File::Spec dependency to 3.29 to fix problems with
      four-digit decimal dependencies in some downstream packaging

1.51    2011-10-27 - Adam Kennedy
    - END-time deletion by clear() is now fork-safe, it will only remove
      paths created in the same process.

1.50    2011-07-11 - Adam Kennedy
    - Adding a second skip for the known-bad cygwin file permissions problem

1.49    2011-03-14 - Adam Kennedy
    - Restoring 02_directories to no_plan as it runs different test counts
      on different systems.

1.48    2011-03-11 - Adam Kennedy
    - Promoting dev code to production version
    - Fixed a major bug in the 1.46 logic that works out what to change the
      cwd to when deleting while inside a directory.

1.47_01     2011-02-18 - Adam Kennedy
    - Add test counts to all test scripts
    - Added a test for space-safe globs

1.46    2011-02-18 - Adam Kennedy
    - No changes from 1.45_01
    - CPAN Testers likes the dev release, moving to production release

1.45_01  2011-02-17 - Adam Kennedy
    - Updated to Module::Install::DSL 1.00
    - Skip test on cygwin due to non-root users not being able to deny
      themselves write permissions to files.
    - Added a test to delete directories when the current working
      directory is inside the location to delete (ADAMK)
    - Fixes for trash() with callbacks and on Mac (MIYAGAWA)

1.42    2008-07-03 - Adam Kennedy
    - Updated to Module::Install 0.76
    - Updated bundled author tests
    - Added the test_remove function
    - Localising $@ during eval calls

1.41    2008-06-02 - Adam Kennedy
    - No functional changes
    - Updating location of author tests
    - Switching to Module::Install again, to generate a better META.yml

1.40    2008-02-23 - Adam Kennedy
    - Dev release looks good, changing to production release

1.39_01 2008-02-20 - Adam Kennedy
    - Fixed #30251 "removing dirs enclosed by curly braces"
    - remove now ignores globbing if -e is true BEFORE globbing
      (This should fix numerous possible failures where people are trying
       delete strangely named files, but globbing is kicking in and
       expanding the names incorrectly)
    - Moving to a production-grade version to indicate module stability
    - Adding explicit 5.005 dependency
      (Primarily for the benefit of automated quality/anaylsis tools)

0.39    2007-11-12 - Adam Kennedy
    - No functional changes
    - Updating to Module::Install 0.68

0.38    2007-10-15 - Adam Kennedy
    - Removed an extremely dangerous and reckless test case that tried
      to delete a soft link to root and (when it failed) deleted the
      actual root directory.

0.37    2007-07-08 - Adam Kennedy
    - Restoring support for broken symlinks (Marek Rouchal)
    - Adding tests for the broken symlink case (Marek Rouchal)
    - Tidying up the Changes file a bit

0.36    2007-06-30 - Adam Kennedy
    - Avoid the installation of Mac::Glue.
      (It should not be necesary to test voice synthesis to delete a file)
    - Anyone truly needing "trash" support will need to add a dependency
      on Mac::Glue themself. The function may be split out of File::Remove
      later down the track.
    - Constanting the debugger flag for a minor speed and memory improvement
    - Copy in a known-readonly flag for more accurate testing on Win32
    - Remove assumption that -w implied deletion rights on Win32
    - Validate that the file was actually deleted.
    - Add better mode-handling for files.
    - Add smarter implementation of "candelete" logic.

0.35    2007-02-09
    - Update makefile to require Mac::Glue version compatible with Intel macs
    - Change pod heading from "methods" to "subroutines" [RT#13687]
    - No functional changes from 0.34

0.34    2006-11-06
    - Update t/03 to skip the "is this file not writable" test when
      it would fail because the tests are being run by root (as sometimes
      happens when installing Perl modules).

0.33    2006-10-24
    - Previous release tested ok.
    - Incrementing for production release.
    - No functional changes

0.32_01     2006-10-23
    - Use File::Spec to clean/canon paths instead of hand-stripping trailing slash
    - Apply the File::Path "safe" check manually for the root only, and
      use File::Path itself with safe OFF, so that we can handle deleting
      deep readonly files (and do it properly on VMS)
    - Added a test for the deletion of deep readonly files
    - Removing the use of "our" variables to try and get the Perl version
      dependency back to at least 5.005.
    - Report "deleted" for non-existant files they want to delete
    - Report the path they pass, but for dir USE a File::Spec->canonpath

0.31    2005-12-28
    - Applied Eric Hanchrow's patch to support filenames with spaces.
    - Skip recycle tests unless recycle/trash support is available.

0.30    2005-07-14
    - Applied CNANDOR's patch to fix trash() support on OS X 10.4.

0.29    2004-12-04
    - Stabilize undelete support for OS X and Windows.

0.26    2004-11-16
    - Fix the synopsis.

0.25    2004-11-15
    - Renamed undelete() to trash(), to be more clear.
    - Allow users to provide their own rmdir/unlink to trash().
    - Re-disabled debugging by default.

0.24    2004-11-15
    - Add undelete support for OS X (via Mac::Glue).
    - Fix undelete overloading of unlink/rmdir and update tests.
    - Fix the documentation to be readable with perldoc.

0.23    2004-11-15
    - Add undelete supportand tests (currently only for Win32, via

0.22    2004-11-15
    - Add the first set of tests.

0.21    2004-07-20
    - Converted the internals to File::Spec.
    - Maintenance transferred by to Richard Soderberg.
      Please e-mail bug reports to <>.

0.20    1998-04-15
    - Now you can pass a scalar reference as the first argument and it
      will used as the recursive flag when removing directories.  With
      recursive flag set to 0 only the files in the directory are
      removed and no attempt is made to recurse into subdirectories.
      Nevertheless, if the directory becomes empty it is removed.

0.12    1998-04-14
    - change the umask and set the permission on directories so we can
      remove the files

0.11    1998-04-13
    - changed the return values to successes rather than failures since
      it makes more sense.

0.10    1998-04-10
    - original version