Revision history for Graph::Easy::As_svg:

0.28        2020-10-20

    * Fix some stale POD.

0.27        2017-09-08
  * Fix a circular requires/provides.
    + See:
    + Thanks to @ssoriche for the report, Grinnz for the pull-req and other
      people from #distzilla on for providing insights.

0.26        2017-04-15
  * dzil fixes - bump the $VERSION in lib/Graph/Easy/ .
    + See:
    + Thanks to Gintautas Grigelionis .

0.25        2017-04-12
  * Convert "#!/usr/bin/perl -w" shabangs to "#!/usr/bin/env perl" .
    + Hopefully to avoid test failures such as:

0.24        2017-04-03
  * Convert from Module-Install to Dist-Zilla and did some cleanups.
    + Hopefully fix
      ( Cannot install without '.' in @INC .)
    + Now maintained at .

2008-05-22 v0.23 Tels 137 tests - Fix, fix, fix, fix the bugs...
  * require Graph::Easy v0.63 (for correct graph attribute output)
  * suppress attributes without "-" (like "labelpos" vs. "label-pos")
  * output the "font-family" style to support the "font" attribute
  * center graph when the graph label is wider than the graph itself
  * shift graph by half the border with down and right to prevent the border
    from getting cut off
  * don't draw end arrows on undirected edges (with more than one cell)
  * "rounded" nodes have their corners correctly filled with the background
    color (f.i. when inside a group) (Thanx Dieter Wunderer!)
  * quote "&" in links (Thanx Emmanuel Quevillon!)
  * links on edge labels were missing (Thanx Emmanuel Quevillon!)
  * tweak width of digits to create more fitting labels (Thanx Emmanuel Quevillon!)
  * better text for labels (alignment and tweaks) (Thanx Emmanuel Quevillon!)

2008-03-30 v0.22 Tels 127 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.62
  * remove Build.PL (bundle Module::Install 0.71)
  * fix class attribute set on primary class, this colors all nodes red:
      node { class: red; } { color: red; }
  * amend INSTALL
  * don't needlessly output polygon points in comments
  * fix suppression of attributes (included all the added ones)
  * fix support for point-style/point-shape
  * anonymous nodes:
    + fix comment
    + fix misplacement
  * fix multi-line labels (Thanx Amanda B. Hickman!)
    + multi-line graph labels no longer cross into content
    + render alignments like \r,\l etc. properly
    + remove escapes (like \l etc.) from title for a better title-tag
  * better rendering of open/filled stars
  * a set fontsize on the graph no longer affacts nodes/edges/groups
  * filled arrows fall back to the edge color (instead of inherit) if
    the fill attribute is not set

2006-12-17 v0.21 Tels 93 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.50
  * fixes for the changes attribute system in Graph::Easy v0.50
  * fix alignment of node labels under align: left, align: right etc.
  * don't output needless things like 'fill=""' or default text-anchor
  * handle borderwidths like "20px" and "2em"

2006-09-03 v0.20 Tels 89 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.47
  * fix invalid output on multi-line aligned labels
  * fix alignment of labels on loops and vertical edges (text-align takes
    "start" or "end", not "left" or "right" - duh!)
  * correct the placement of multi-line node labels, especially when
    using \r, \l or \c instead of \n
  * fix warning and missing arrows when using edge { arrow-style: open; }
  * fix undef warning when using closed arrows
  * fix problem with dasharrays when using groups

2006-08-13 v0.19 Tels 89 tests - Fix, fix, fix, fix the bugs...
  * single-line labels were not properly quoted (for "<>&)
  * add encoding="UTF-8" to XML header to make encoding explicit
  * require Graph::Easy v0.46
  * require Image::Info v1.22
  * add a Build.PL file
  * add support for color schemes
  * fix for very wide borders:
    + make dash:dot ratio 3:1 vs. 2:1
    + don't include "stroke-linecap: round" for diamon shapes
    + scale the dasharray according to stroke-width
  * remove the workaround for Firefox bug with links:
    + it works now in the latest Firefox, so upgrade!
    + In the newest Firefox, it spawned a second new window

2006-04-17 v0.18 Tels 87 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.44
  * require Image::Info v1.20
  * don't output empty <text...></text> tags
  * _svg_background() returns SVG code instead of modifying $$svg
  * don't draw borders on Group::Cells
  * fix background color for edges and invisible nodes inside groups
  * fix alignment for labels
  * size-correction for overly big arrows now also works for vertical edges
  * close the hole in open arrows on bold/broad/wide edges
  * edge corners no longer have holes
  * close the gaps on edges with style double
  * fix the fontsize (was missing a "px") and also use 16 as the base vs. 14
    This makes the text independed from the user setting in the browser, and
    also increases it to be more readable.
  * always include the fill, to help renderers that can't cope with CSS styles
  * fix rendering of multiline labels:
    + lineheight is 18px vs 1em to not have the lines drawn together
    + no longer contain a spurious empty last <tspan>-pair
  * reorder output order of elements: first groups, then nodes, then edges
  * correct the displacement on edge end/start points for wide/broad/bold edges
  * render selfloops with paths
  * don't render invisible edges
  * a set background on edge cells did have a stray border
  * edge labels have a 80% font-size as default
  * only add 0.5EM (currently 8 pixels) as padding around the graph (was 14)
  * add a few characters to make the _text_length() calculation more accurate
  * a Node::Empty should not be rendered
  * font is really font-family in CSS section
  * support point-shaped nodes with point-style: invisible

2006-01-29 v0.17 Tels 73 tests
  * use Module::Install (and bundle it)
  * require Graph::Easy v0.40
  * require Image::Info v1.17 (for nodes with "shape: img")
  * fix VERSION in packages as to not conflict with the ones from Graph::Easy
  * add support for:
    + invisible edges
    + nodes with "shape: img" (Thanx to Jeff Schiller for pointing out
  * add an onclick-handler to links to force them to open in the current
    window/tab - work around bug in FF 1.5 (Thanx Jeff Schiller again!)
  * put the link around the node shape, not just the text. Makes it easier
    to hit the link.
  * nodes with shape: point get a link, too (although the area is tiny)

2006-01-01 v0.16 Tels 72 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.38
  * use $self->angle() to get the correct shape rotation
  * forgot to limit precision on some edge-line coordinates

2005-12-18 v0.15 Tels 72 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.36
  * fix edge crossings with different widths (wide vs. broad etc)
  * add rendering of edge joints

2005-12-10 v0.14 Tels 72 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.35
  * quote "&", "<", ">" and '"' in links and titles (Thanx Mutante!)
  * add "xlink:show" and "xlink:target" on links to open them in
    a new window (but Firefox ignores this anyway, see mozilla bug #315389)

2005-12-04 v0.13 Tels 72 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.34
  * handle multi-celled nodes
  * better support labels on vertical edges
  * fix unitialized warning in line 298
  * use strict; in Makefile.PL
  * support svg_info fields (mainly for wikipedia SVG integration)

2005-11-13 v0.12 Tels 64 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.33
  * add PREREQ_FATAL to Makefile.PL
  * support bold-dash, broad and wide edge/border styles
  * correct node-sizes to accomodate border-width
  * shorten edge-pieces with labels a bit
  * implement a crude version of _text_length(), returning the text length
    in pixels depending on EM and the string content ("WW" vs. "ii"). This
    stops nodes from being overly broad with lots of padding.
  * don't generate invalid SVG on labels/node names with "--", "&", "<" or ">"
  * limit precision on edge-lines and arrows to 2 digits (instead of 4)

2005-11-06 v0.11 Tels 56 tests
  * limit precision to 2 digits (instead of 4) for coordinates
  * put common attributes on double-border shapes into a <g> to shorten output
  * indent output by ' ' instead of '  ' to shorten it a bit
  * support "rotate" attribute on Nodes

2005-10-30 v0.10 Tels 56 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.31
  * don't draw background if bg eq ''
  * add support for attribute "font-size"
  * add support for attribute "text-style"
  * calculate the correct size for edge cells with a label
  * include xmlns:xlink too, to make Firefox 1.5x happy
  * include version of Graph::Easy::As_svg in output, too
  * for edge labels: fallback to the color of the edge did not work
  * triangle-shaped nodes have equal height/width (if possible)
  * the "autolink" and "link" attributes correctly create links with
    mouseover titles
  * nodes with shape "none" result no longer in invalid SVG
  * only include the actually used defitinons, that shortens the output,
    especially for small graphs
  * don't need to output "stroke-width" for including arrow heads, this
    shortens the output a bit
  * shorten output by grouping multiple lines of an edge together
  * text in (invert)-triangle etc nodes is better displaced to fit better
  * better rendering of multi-line labels on edges
  * support multi-line labels on nodes (correct hight, multi-line text)
  * output fontsize is 14 pixels instead of 11 (for bigger graphs in FF 1.5)
  * close gaps in hor/ver edge pieces with style "double"
  * examples/as_svg: input utf8 from STDIN, output utf-8 to STDOUT
  * Nodes with "shape: rounded" are rounded by a fixed amount
  * edge crossings with different styles and colors are now rendered correctly
  * output a title for the SVG graph
  * output "width" and "height" instead of viewbox on <svg> for Firefox 1.5
  * render the graph label with label-pos bottom or top, incl. optional link

2005-09-23 v0.09 Tels 41 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.30
  * fix README
  * fix SVG header (standlone="yes", xmlns for <svg tag)

2005-09-18 v0.08 Tels 40 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.29
  * 'fill' defaults to white
  * edge labels use "label-color" and fall back to "color"
  * improve support for multi-line labels
  * fix bidirectional edges (render their arrows correctly)
  * better center the text on triangle|invtriangel shaped nodes
  * better node sizes for the various shapes
  * draw graph background, border and label if nec.
  * double lines on edges are rendered better at the arrow-ends
  * add support for the following node shapes:
    + invhouse, octagon, hexagon, septagon, parallelogram, trapezium
  * draw background for non-rect nodes
  * correctly draw "border-style: double" on the various node shapes
  * draw backgrounds for edge cells (for groups and when background is set)
  * add tests for POD via Test::POD (t/pod.t)
  * add tests for POD coverage via Test::POD::Coverage (t/pod_cov.t)

2005-09-04 v0.07 Tels 38 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.27
  * added tests for as_svg_file()
  * fix rendering of edge cells to be compatible with new Graph::Easy code
  * arrow lines on non-solid edges are now solid (instead of dashed etc)
  * render the different arrow styles (closed, open, filled)
  * render nodes with "shape: point"
  * produce shorter code by using default attributes/classes better
  * render node shapes: diamond, house, triangle, invtriangle
  * render edge style "double-dash"
  * "fill" is the fill color, "background" the background
  * better skipping of non-SVG attributes

2005-07-13 v0.06 Tels 31 tests
  * require Graph::Easy v0.22
  * As_svg: use Graph::Easy to allow a require w/o Graph::Easy

Seperated Graph::Easy::As_svg from Graph::Easy:

2005-06-25 v0.05 Tels 31 tests
  * Much more complete: output class attributes, stylesheets etc.
  * generate SVG 1.1
  * use "stroke-linecap: round" to generate nicer arrow heads
  * shorten output by using a few tricks
  * render node borders in different styles (dotted etc)
  * render edge lines in different styles (dotted etc)

For older CHANGES, please see the Graph::Easy package.