=head1 INSTALL

To install this module do the following:

=head2 LINUX, UNIX etc.

Untar the package:

	tar -xzf Graph-Easy-As_svg-0.13.tar.gz

(Replace 0.13 with the actual version you got)

Change into the directory:

	chdir Graph-Easy-As_svg-0.13/

Then you need to check the signature on the package to verify that
it is untampered and intact. To do this you have to:

=over 2

=item *

Install the Perl module Module::Signature from http://search.cpan.org

=item *

Get my key from http://bloodgate.com/tels.asc, import it into
GnuPG with:

        gpg --import tels.asc

You may also let the C<cpansign> utility fetch it automatically
from a keyserver, if that works for you.

=item *

Type on a console:

        cpansign --verify

inside the unpacked directory.


If the last step says "good signature" or "SIGNATURE VERIFIED OK",
everything is all right.

Note that if C<cpansign> let GnuPG download my key from a keyserver, it
might put a C<tels.asc> file in the package directory, and then afterward
complain that "tels.asc" is not in the MANIFEST:

 Not in MANIFEST: tels.asc
 ==> MISMATCHED content between MANIFEST and distribution files! <==

You can safely ignore this warning.

B<NOTE:> Please notify me immidiately if the signature
does not verify. In that case do B<NOT> install this software, your system
might get compromised!

When the package verified okay, then proceed:

        perl Makefile.PL

If you get warnings about missing or outdated modules, then
upgrade/install these first. Then run the testsuite:

        make test

If all tests pass, install the package:

        sudo make install

=head2 WINDOWS

When the package verified okay (see above), then proceed:

You need the "nmake" utility from Microsoft:


=head3 nmake

Then you can build the Makefile and finally run the tests and
install this package:

        perl Makefile.PL
        nmake test

If all tests pass, install the package:

        nmake install


Copyright (C) 2004 - 2008 by Tels http://bloodgate.com/perl/

This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the same terms of the GPL version 2.