2015-08-05 - 5.2
    Use Module::Runtime if it's installed (thanks to Olivier Mengué)
    Switch to using ExtUtils::MakeMaker (thanks to Karen Etheridge and Tim Orling)

2014-01-05 - 5.1
    Add in missing files left out of the MANIFEST due to stupidity (thanks to Petr Pisar)

2013-12-20 - 5.0
    Gain support for @INC hooks and hence for App::FatPacker (thanks to Diab Jerius)

2013-10-22 - 4.9
    Fix the fact that we can't handle single letter package names (thanks sbaynes)

2013-05-27 - 4.8
    Fix some typos (David Steinbrunner)
    Fix error in testing when Text::BibTex is installed (thanks to Andreas Koenig)
2013-02-25 - 4.7
    Fix more hash ordering bugs in tests by forcing sort of returned plugins (Yves Orton)

2013-01-23 - 4.6
    Add warning about future removal from core

2012-11-05 - 4.5
    Fix docs
    Fix problem with PAUSE upload
2012-11-05 - 4.4
    Fix hash ordering bug in tests (Yves Orton)
    Fix install dir (Tatsuhiko Miyagawa)

2012-08-15 - 4.3
    Fix calling the correct method when instantiating (Doh!)
    Hopefully stop smoker failures

2012-08-14 - 4.2
    Fix a problem with installation directory (Jerry D. Hedden)

2012-07-20 - 4.1
    Allow triggers on events which gives a powerful way to modify behaviour (Tim Brody, Dan Dascalescu, Paul Evans, Jens Rehsack)
    Put documentation in about behaviour under blib and test, allow searching outside blib under test (suggestion from Stephen Baynes)
    Made following symlinks the default behaviour, added ability to turn that off (Aran Deltac)
    Fix installation path (Matthias Dietrich, Todd Rinaldo)
    Allow min_depth and max_depth (as per suggestion from Jens Rehsack)
    Set our @INC up to include and prefer our search_dirs if necessary (as per suggestion from Ian Goodacre)
    Switch to Module::Build
2012-01-03 - 4.0
    Don't use defined on an array (it's deprecated)

2009-03-02 - 3.9 
    Allow inner packages when in a one file situation (suggestion from Christopher Brown)
    Fix bug with requiring skipped packages (from Jos Boumans)

2008-03-16 - 3.8
    Set INSTALLDIRS correctly in Makefile.PL
    A couple of other fixups to play nicely in Core

2008-03-12 - 3.7 
    Ignore editor cruft by default (Dave Rolsky and Matt Trout)
    Doc patches (Matt Trout)
    Prevent prototype mismatch warnings under Error.pm (Christopher H. Laco)
    Don't pick up the ::SUPER pseudo stash in 5.8 (Alex Vandiver)
    Make things work under VOS (Nicholas Clark and Paul Green)
    Fix warning under Devel::Cover (Brian Cassidy)
    Make tests run under Taint again
    Get rid of Build.PL 
2007-04-07 - 3.6
    Include blead perl patch from Craig Berry that gives better 
    Module::Pluggable::Object::search_paths portability as 
    prompted by VMS test failures.

2007-01-29 - 3.5
    Patch from Audrey Tang to prevent clobbering of $@

2006-11-27 - 3.4
    Make sure we don't fail taint checking when other 
    Module::Pluggable::* modules are installed.

2006-11-24 - 3.3
    Few more patches from Jos Boumans to get ready for CORE

2006-11-15 - 3.2
    Remove Class::Inspector dependency and inline code
    Prepare for assimilation into CORE

2006-07-11 - 3.1
    Force Test::More version to be latest which stops it trampling on $_
    Use Class::Inspector tests to check to see Package is loaded thus
    preventing incompatability problems introduced by last patch.

2006-06-07 - 3.01
    Fix from Brian Cassidy in Devel::InnerPackage

2006-06-06 - 3.0
    Big refactor to split stuff up into more manageable pieces 

2006-04-05 - 2.98
    Allow the ability to provide the file matching regex

2006-02-06 - 2.97
    Patch from Ricardo Signes to fix bug where File::Find  
    is not topic-safe in 5.6.1

2005-09-01 - 2.96 
    Patch from Alex Vandiver to sort an edge case where the package 
    stash to contain "::"

2005-07-30 - 2.95
    Patch from Alex Vandiver to sort ::ISA::CACHE issues.
    More patches from Christopher H. Laco to sort out only and except
    and to fix calling search_path( add => ... ) before plugins() 

2005-07-09 - 2.9 More Tainting fixes
    Patches from Christopher H. Laco and Joe McMahon  to do more taint fixing
    Suggestion from Christopher H. Laco to do a can check before instatiating

2005-03-18 - 2.8 Minor fixes

    Patch from Marcus Thiesen to fix so ISA cache magic
    Patch from Anthony D. Urso to get M::P to work under taint

2005-02-14 - 2.7 Allow redefinition of search_path

    A patch from Barbie to allow you to do

       $self->search_path( add => 'Some::Path'      );
       $self->search_path( new => 'Some::New::Path' );

2005-02-02 - 2.6 Problems under tests 

    Richard Clamp diagnosed a problem as being due to the 
    fact that we exclude anything not from blib if there 
    was blib.pm is %INC. Of course if the module being 
    tested used another module that used Module::Pluggable 
    then the second module would fail. 

    Fixed it by checking to see if the caller had (^|/)blib/
    in their filename.

2004-12-20 - 2.5 'Inspiration' from Module::Pluggable::Fast
    Noticed Sebastian Riedel's curious Module::Pluggable::Fast
    which appears to break API backwards compatability in order
    to inline an explicit call to 'new'. It has no tests.

    A quick benchmark showed that it was about 10% faster 
    because of cruft that had accumulated over time. So
    a few quick changes and now Module::Pluggable is only 
    3% slower. Which is nice. 

    Also added a patch from Barbie to fix things under Windows.

2004-12-15 - 2.4 Bug fix

    There seemed to be some irregularities in how 5.8.1 worked 
    with the list_packages method. Fixed thanks to Schwern, 
    Michael Cummings and Jos Boumans. 

    Added some more documentation.

    Added ability to specify except and only as regexes.

2004-10-27 - 2.3 Niceties

    Allow you to explicitly stop looking for inner packages.
    Made it nicer to have single element search_dirs and search_paths.

2004-10-08 - 2.2 Dieting
    Thanks to suggestion and patches from Adam Kennedy 
    Module::Pluggable has dumped some weight and got rid of 
    the none Core dependecies of File::Find::Rule and 

2004-08-25 - 2.1 Small buglette

    Require inner packages when appropriate. This helps towards
    making things work with PAR. Thanks to Brian Cassidy.

    Never released.
2004-08-19 - 2.0 Working inner packages

    As long as you have require or instantiate set then we'll also find
    inner packages. Why I didn't fix this way back in 1.3 I don't know.

2004-07-18 - 1.9 Add 'package' option

    This lets you install a method in another package's 
    namespace. Thanks to Simon Cozens.

2004-07-08 - 1.8 Fix those two options

    They worked before but now they're more robust.

2004-07-07 - 1.7 Add support for limiting plugins

    Added 'only' and ''except' options.

2004-06-03 - 1.6 Add a traditional Makefile.PL
    Even though I think Module::Build is much better.

2004-05-25 - 1.5 Build.PL stupidity

    Must add prereqs. Doh.

2004-05-25 - 1.4  Multiple instances

    Made it so you could use it twice in the same package.
    Removed the inner package stuff inorder to fix it properly.

2004-05-06 - 1.3  Ability to search in inner packages 

    Simon Cozens donated some code to allow us to search 
    inner packages.

2004-05-06 - 1.2  Fix minor buglet
    Apply a patch from Tom Insam to fix requiring without
    instantiating and make require failures more verbose.

2003-12-15 - 1.11 Update MANIFEST.
    So that make dist works properly.

2003-12-15 - 1.1  Make it work with multi level plugins

    Apparently Foo::Plugin::Bar::Quux doesn't work. 
    Thanks to Darren Chamberlain for spotting this.

2003-12-15 - 1.00 Add some more features
    Added the ability to require without instantiating (for Tom Insam)    
    Prevented the names from being explicitly sorted (again, for Tom Insam)
    Added in the ability to provide other search directorys.

2003-11-27 - 0.95 Some Test::More issues

    Explicitly number the tests which fixes some test more failures

2003-10-21 - 0.9  We can rebuild you, we have the technology
    Having used this in the wild some changes to make it better.

2003-10-20 - 0.8  Fix.
    Namespace issues.

2003-10-17 - 0.7  And take your Build.PL with you


2003-10-15 - 0.6  Initial release

    Be free my pretty. EMANCIPIA!