WWW::Amazon::Wishlist - grab all the details from your Amazon wishlist


  use WWW::Amazon::Wishlist qw(get_list COM UK);
  my @wishlist;
  @wishlist = get_list ($my_amazon_com_id);       # gets it from
  @wishlist = get_list ($my_amazon_com_id,  COM); # same, explicitly
  @wishlist = get_list ($my_amazon_couk_id, UK);  # gets it from

  # or if you didn't import the COM and UK constants
  @wishlist = get_list ($my_amazon_couk_id, WWW::Amazon::Wishlist::UK);  

  # the elements of @wishlist are hashrefs that contain ...
  foreach my $book (@wishlist)
           print $book->{title}, # the, err, title
           $book->{author},      # and the author(s) 
           $book->{asin},        # the asin number, its unique id on Amazon
           $book->{price},       # how much it will set you back
           $book->{quantity},    # how many you said you want
           $book->{priority},    # how urgently you said you want it (1-5)
           $book->{type};        # Hardcover/Paperback/CD/DVD etc (not available in the US)


Goes to Amazon.(com| and scrapes away your wishlist and returns it in a array of hashrefs so that you can fiddle with it until your hearts content.


The best way to do this is to search for your own wishlist in the search tools.

Searching for mine ( on takes me to the URL 

there's some more cruft after that last string of numbers and letters but it's the


bit that's important.

Doing the same for is just as easy.

Apparently some people have had problems getting to their wishlist just after it gets set up. You may have to wait a while for it to become browseable.


There was a thread on mailing list about working in a vacumn - that it was a bit depressing to keep writing modules but never get any feedback. So, if you use and like this module then please send me an email and make my day.

All it takes is a few little bytes.



    C<WWW::Amazon::Wishlist> is a screen scarper and is there for 
    is vulnerable to any changes that Amazon make to their HTML. 

    If it starts returning no items then this is very likely the reason 
    and I will get roudn to fixing it as soon as possible. 

    You might want to look at the C<Net::Amazon> module instead.

It doesn't cope with anything apart from and .com yet. Probably.

I don't think it likes unavailable items - trying to work round this breaks UK compatability.

The code has accumulated lots of cruft.

Lack of testing. It works for the pages I've tried it for but that's no guarantee.


Copyright (c) 2003 Simon Wistow

Distributed under the same terms as Perl itself.

This software is under no warranty and will probably destroy your wish list, kill your friends, burn your house and bring about the apocalypse


Simon Wistow <>


perl, LWP::UserAgent, amazonwish