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Changes for version 0.49

  • date: Thurs 8 Dec 2011 Version 0.49 released to CPAN Inline.pm - small alteration to M19_usage_language error message

Changes for version 0.48_02

  • date: Fri 9 Sept 2011 Bump Inline version to 0.48_02

Changes for version 0.48_02

  • date: Mon 5 Dec 2011 Version 0.48_02 released to CPAN Inline.pm - Have the config file re-created *before* we croak with M19_usage_language(). (Re-creating the config file should alleviate the need to croak, thus allowing the script to complete successfully.) Thanks to Patrick LeBoutillier for the patch, and to David Oswald for pursuing this.

Changes for version 0.48_01

  • date: Mon 11 Apr 2011 Version 0.48_01 released to CPAN t/05files.t - Have t/05files.t provide a reason for skipping the tests. Inline.pm - Create REWRITE_CONFIG_FILE config option. Makefile.PL - Test::Warn 0.23 or later needed for perl-5.13 and later. (Older perls need 0.21 or later).
  • version: 0.48 date: Mon 21 Feb 2011 Version 0.48 released to CPAN. (No changes from 0.47_02.)
  • version: 0.47_02 date: Tues 1 Feb 2011 Version 0.47_02 released to CPAN. Makefile.PL - Change the Test::Warn dependency from 0.22 to 0.21 and specify it in top-level Makefile.PL instead of in C/Makefile.PL.
  • version: 0.47_01 date: Sun 30 January 2011 Version 0.47_01 released to CPAN. Changes only to Inline::C test suite - see C/Changes.
  • version: 0.47 date: Fri 21 January 2011 Version 0.47 released to CPAN. No changes from 0.46_02
  • version: 0.46_02 date: Wed 29 December 2010 lib/Inline/MakeMaker.pm - apply patch from Raymond Mroz to accommodate the modern h2xs directory structure. Bump Inline::MakeMaker version to 0.45.
  • version: 0.46_01 date: Wed 31 March 2010 (and released to CPAN as 0.46_01) Inline.pm - warn about untainting of Inline configuration info (where applicable)
    • quieten non-numeric warnings in relation to devel releases
    • quieten uninitialized warning regarding $ENV{WIN64} that can occur in certain circumstances on MS Windows
  • Inline.pod - Documentation change relating to introduction of further _TESTING capabilities in Inline::C
  • version: 0.46_01 date: Mon 8 March 2010 Inline.pm - add '_TESTING' config option
    • hide the 'redefined' warning introduced by the fix to ticket 49669, by placing the offending code in a 'no warnings "redefine";' block.
    • bump require from 5.005 to 5.006
  • version: 0.46_01 date: Sun 14 feb 2010 Inline.pm - add archname and perlversion number to config filename. C/C.pm - Second attempt at accommodating 'ccache cc' compiler (RT ticket 40140).
  • version: 0.46 date: Fri Feb 12 2010 Same as 0.45_02 (plus some minor doc alterations in Inline.pod).
  • version: 0.45_02 date: Fri Feb 5 2010 Changes to Inline.pm, denter.pm, and Inline.pod relating to "fixing" untainting (to the extent that untainting of -T inline scripts works as documented). Many thanks to Patrick LeBoutillier. Also added C/t/08taint.t (which contains -T on the shebang line) as a basic test of untainting. (RT ticket 13084)
  • version: 0.45_01 date: Thurs Jan 28 2010 C/C.pod - document that *fully qualified* paths for LIBS, INC, TYPEMAPS and MYEXTLIB are needed. (RT ticket 5207) Inline.pm - remove "defined" from "defined %main::Inline::Config::" as that usage causes a deprecation warning with perl-5.11 and later. (RT ticket 53227) Inline.pm - fix sub push_overrides (RT ticket 49669) This change responsible for "Subroutine Inline::C::get_parser redefined" warnings that can occur during build stage under certain circumstances. denter.pm - local()ise $_ (in four places) (RT ticket 16801) Inline.pod - doc correction (thanks Alejandro Ochoa). C/Makefile.PL - accommodate 'ccache cc' (RT ticket 40140)
    • accommodate ActivePerl-5.10.1 and later (RT ticket 49419)
  • C/Cookbook.pod - typo fixes (thanks Brad Barber)
    • Change "NAME" from "C Cookbook ..." to "Inline::C-Cookbook ...". (RT ticket 45417)
  • version: 0.45 date: Sat Nov 22 2008 No changes from 0.44_01
  • version: 0.44_01 date: Tues Oct 11 2008 changes:
    • Apply patch to Inline.pm that addresses a problem with whitespace occurring in the name of the build directory. (RT ticket 4150)
    • Fix ParseRegExp.pm. (RT ticket 6327)
    • Fix (in Inline.pm) problem regarding the calling of the same script from different builds of perl. (RT ticket 29326)
    • Allow Inline::install() subroutine to apply to languages other than C and CPP. (RT ticket 35517)
    • Fix C/Makefile.PL so that the C compiler can still be found when $Config{cc} reports something like /some/place/cc. (RT ticket 8251)
    • In C/C.pm, allow for the calling of multiple typemaps (RT ticket 5639), and have the "No Inline C functions bound to Perl" warning specify the file for which no bindings were found (RT ticket 17774).
    • Minor doc fixes.
  • version: 0.44 date: Mon Oct 28 10:31:51 PST 2002 changes:
    • Doc fixes. Thanks Mitchell.
    • Put all current ILSMs in doc and Makefile.PL
  • version: 0.44 date: Sun Oct 27 23:34:50 PST 2002 changes:
    • Applied some patches from Patrick LeBoutillier, including one to make things work out of the box on Win95 and friends. Rob helped too.
    • Added a warning to help debug why certain ILSMs might be failing.
  • version: 0.44 date: Fri Oct 25 10:12:16 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Changes to Inline-FAQ
  • version: 0.44 date: Thu Oct 24 16:17:27 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Fixed ParseRecDescent to handle 'unsigned foo()' and 'long foo()'
    • Updated README
    • Fixed %INC problem
  • version: 0.44 date: Wed Oct 23 10:27:41 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Used File::Spec::Unix for %INC keys (which are always in Unix form)
  • version: 0.44 date: Mon Oct 21 16:49:54 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Applied Mitchell's patch for Inline::C::ParseRegExp
  • version: 0.44 date: Mon Oct 21 00:17:22 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Updated pod docs
  • version: 0.44 date: Thu Oct 17 20:00:46 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Shortened BUILD_TIMER precision, per Leon Brocard's suggestion.
    • Applied Mitchell Charity's patch to fix Piers Harding's CPP problem.
    • Fixed bug with USING keyword
  • version: 0.44 date: Fri Oct 11 18:09:03 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Added the USING keyword. This allows you to specify a list of modules which can override certain parts of the Inline process.
    • Added Inline::C::ParseRecDescent and Inline::C::ParseRegExp to provide two (hopefully) functionally identical C parsers. You use one of these by saying 'use Inline C => DATA => USING => "ParseRegExp"'. Big thanks to Mitchell Charity for ParseRegExp. It's over two orders of magnitude faster than ParseRecDescent.
    • Added the more diagnostics to BUILD_NOISY.
    • Added BUILD_TIMERS for benchmarking the Inline build process.
  • version: 0.44 date: Wed Oct 9 19:03:34 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Applied a (BIG) patch to the Inline distribution to use File::Spec to manipulate all file paths. Thanks Mitchell Charity!
  • version: 0.44 date: Tue Oct 8 11:47:39 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Fixed a bug in OS X. Inline::C was being required even if the object was cached. That's because Inline.pm wasn't checking for .bundle.
  • version: 0.44 date: Tue Oct 8 10:33:13 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Added an option to Inline::C called BUILD_NOISY. Setting this to true will cause the build process to dump output to the screen instead of to a file. You can set it with 'BUILD_NOISY => 1,' or 'ENABLE => "BUILD_NOISY"'.
    • Honor the PERL_INLINE_BUILD_NOISY environment variable, to do the same as above. Environment variable has higher precedence.
    • Print the contents of 'out.make' to the screen on failure. This will happen when BUILD_NOISY is off. When its on, you'll see the messages in real time, but they won't go to 'out.make'.
    • Provide the NOISY shortcut so you can say 'perl -MInline=force,noisy foo.pl'.
    • Inline::MakeMaker uses the NOISY shortcut for its build command. This way module builds are noisy like they should be.
  • version: 0.44 date: Thu Oct 3 17:40:27 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Integrated the new improved Inline::MakeMaker
    • WriteInlineMakefile is deprecated for WriteMakefile
  • version: 0.44 date: Thu Oct 3 17:09:20 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Added a patch by Rafael Garcia-Suarez to use $^X when $Config::Config{perlpath} is wrong. (It happens)
  • version: 0.44 date: Thu Oct 3 16:51:39 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Refactored the Parse::RecDescent grammar
    • Moved grammar module to Inline::C::recdescent
    • Support 'const' in types. Requested by Nicholas Clark
    • Other modifiers seemed to be busted. Like 'unsigned'. Got them working.
    • Started integrating Mitchell Charity's parser. Don't know how to turn it on yet. It's currently in Inline::C::charity
  • version: 0.44 date: Thu Oct 3 16:20:56 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Allow C++ based modules to be installed as well as C ones. Requested by Piers Harding.
  • version: 0.44 date: Wed Oct 2 21:04:13 PDT 2002 changes:
    • Call validate() for interpreted ILSMs even on load(). This patch is dedicated to the very patient Mark Fowler who waited almost a year for it. I hope that never happens again.


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Support Information for Inline.pm and related modules.


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