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Changes for version 0.48

  • Fix Rmpq_cmp_NV for doubledouble NVs.
  • Fix overloading of comparison operators for doubledouble NVs
  • Add Rmpq_set_IV and Rmpq_cmp_IV functions.
  • Add POK_flag(), IOK_flag(), NOK_flag (@EXPORT_OK only)
  • 2nd and 3rd args to Rmpq_cmp_IV and Rmpq_set_IV must have its IOK flag set.
  • 2nd arg to Rmpq_cmp_NV and Rmpq_set_NV must have its NOK flag set.


perl interface to the GMP library's rational (mpq) functions.


in Random/Random.pm
in V/V.pm