2012-03-12  Stephen Quinney <>

	* New maintainer, thanks to Andrew Korty for all his good work.
	* No code changes in this release.


2008-02-25  Andrew J. Korty  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Exit 0 if Kerberos 5 can't be found so as not to
	produce a FAIL from CPAN Testers.


2008-01-30  Andrew J. Korty  <>

	* MANIFEST, MANIFEST.SKIP, META.yml, Makefile.PL: Include and
	verify a module signature.

	* t/34-cpw.t: Skip tests that tickle what might be an
	incompatibility between Authen::Krb5 1.7 and MIT 1.6.3 that causes
	get_in_tkt_with_password to segfault.

	* Makefile.PL: Using $KRB5_EXTRAINCS, include files from
	$PREFIX/include/et.  On RHEL 5, this directory is where com_err.h
	is kept.


2007-01-05  Andrew Korty  <>

	* ppport.h: new version, complete with INT2PTR()
	* Admin.xs, typemap: Convert to four-column indent.
	* Admin.xs: Copy the policy name we get from kadm5_get_principal()
	into memory allocated with New() and then free() what was given to
	us.  That way, we can just Safefree() it in DESTROY().

2006-12-28  Andrew J. Korty  <>

	* Admin.xs, typemap: Use INT2PTR() and friends to make sure void *
	and Perl values are compatible when perl is built with

	* Makefile.PL, t/01-config.t, t/10-getprivs.t, t/20-addpol.t,
	t/21-getpol.t, t/22-getpols.t, t/23-modpol.t, t/30-addprinc.t,
	t/31-getprinc.t, t/32-getprincs.t, t/33-modprinc.t, t/34-cpw.t,
	t/35-randkey.t, t/36-rename.t, t/91-delprinc.t, t/92-delpol.t: Let
	us specify a credentials cache with the $PERL_KADM5_TEST_CACHE
	environment variable.

	* t/91-delprinc.t, t/92-delpol.t: Test to see if the
	principal/policy is gone after we delete it.

	*, Admin.xs, admin.h: Attempt to detect MIT Kerberos 5
	Release 1.5 and later, whose kadm5_init_with_* functions take an
	extra argument (char **db_args) and whose kadm5_config_params
	structure doesn't have a profile field.


2005-02-19  Andrew J. Korty  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Red Hat installs Kerberos in /usr/kerberos/, so
	look there too.

	* Admin.xs: Initialize structs correctly.  Calling Newz() is wrong
	because it sets all bits to zero, which doesn't guarantee that any
	element but those of type int are properly initialized.

	*, Admin.xs, typemap: Authen::Krb5 now has a keyblock
	class, so use that instead of a fake one.

2004-02-18  Andrew J. Korty  <>

	* Add an EXAMPLES section pointing out that examples can
	be found in the unit tests.  Add a FILES section referring to
	krb5.conf.  Add a BUGS section explaining missing functionality
	that probably belongs in Authen::Krb5.  Add perlvar(1) to the SEE
	ALSO section since it's referenced elsewhere.


2004-02-12  Andrew Korty  <>

	* Document rename_principal method.

2003-07-21  Andrew Korty  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Require Admin::Krb5 1.2.

2003-02-05  Andrew Korty  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Add another test principal name for

	* Admin.xs: Add interface to krb5_rename_principal().

	* t/36-rename.t: Tests for rename_principal.

2003-01-30  Andrew Korty  <>

	* Principal and policy methods return TRUE or undef, not
	error codes.

	*, Admin.xs, admin.h: Add error table constants.

2002-10-09  Andrew Korty  <>

	* Admin.xs: Overwrite key contents before reallocating memory.

	*, Admin.xs, COPYING, Makefile.PL, admin.h,
	t/00-loadme.t, t/01-config.t, t/02-policy.t, t/03-principal.t,
	t/04-key.t, t/10-getprivs.t, t/20-addpol.t, t/21-getpol.t,
	t/22-getpols.t, t/23-modpol.t, t/30-addprinc.t, t/31-getprinc.t,
	t/32-getprincs.t, t/33-modprinc.t, t/34-cpw.t, t/35-randkey.t,
	t/91-delprinc.t, t/92-delpol.t: Copyright notices.

	*, Admin.xs: Add documentation for recent changes.

2002-10-08  Andrew Korty  <>

	* Admin.xs, typemap: Use Kerberos 5 types.

2002-10-04  Andrew Korty  <>

	* Admin.xs: Do a better job of mortalizing stack values and
	freeing data.

	* Admin.xs, admin.h, t/04-key.t, t/35-randkey.t, typemap, Add support for krb5_key_data in the form of an
	Authen::Krb5::Admin::Key class.

2002-10-03  Andrew Korty  <>

	* t/33-modprinc.t, t/34-cpw.t: Allow authentication to our test
	principal temporarily so we can change passwords.

	* t/33-modprinc.t: Check status of second get_principal.

	* t/30-addprinc.t, t/33-modprinc.t, t/31-getprinc.t: Set
	KRB5_KDB_DISALLOW_ALL_TIX so no one can authenticate as our test

	* t/34-cpw.t, t/30-addprinc.t: Don't embed NULs in password.

2002-10-01  Andrew J. Korty  <>

	* Makefile.PL: Explicitly get a ticket for the kadmin/admin
	service in case TGTs are disallowed for that principal.


2002-09-18  Andrew J. Korty  <>

	*, Admin.xs: Add support for kadm5_init_with_skey(),
	which authenticates using a service key stored in a keytab.
	Thanks to Kevin Meltzer.

	* Admin.xs, ppport.h: Use ppport.h for backward compatibility with
	older Perl versions.


2002-06-05  Andrew J. Korty  <>

	* README: Added.

2002-05-29  Andrew J. Korty  <>

	* Use OO notation in documentation.  Mention :constants


2002-05-28  Andrew J. Korty  <>

	* Admin.xs: Like Authen::Krb5, return truth value rather than
	error.  Set static value for err always so that error function

	* Add POD.

	* t/*.t: Take advantage of magical nature of Authen::Krb5::error
	and Authen::Krb5::Admin::error return values.

2002-05-25  Andrew J. Korty  <>

	* Admin.xs: In accessor methods, don't automatically set flags
	that would later result in a bad mask error.  In kadmin methods,
	automatically unset flags that would cause a bad mask error.
	(Also updated test scripts).


2002-05-23  Andrew J. Korty  <>

	* Admin.xs: Fixed the way we reference Authen::Krb5::Principal
	objects, I think.