Wed Feb 15 14:58:00 2017   v0.27

As 0.26, but I botched the upload of 0.26 to PAUSE.

Tue Feb 14 19:33:00 2017    v0.26

Very minor internal tweak to make the test suite pass consistently
on recent Perls. This is RT#111173.

Tue Jul  6 17:32:52 BST 2004   v0.25

Lots of work on singletons by Adam Spiers. Some work
to generate regexen by Simon Wistow.

Mon Jun 21 09:44:25 BST 2004   v0.22

Initial release. This is based on some code by Simon Wistow
and then bashed into a more usuable and general form by 
Adam Spiers. 

It was largely done to attempt to find sequences of files so
it may still have the odd anachronism because of that.