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Revision history for Win32::FTDI::FTD2XX
$Id: Changes,v 1.3 2008/11/17 15:11:42 395502 Exp $

(see BUGS file for bug references)

1.01b  - Initial Beta Release
1.02b  - Cosmetic and documentation corrections.
1.03b  - Fixed CyclePort() FT_HANDLE BUG# FTD2XX-1.02-01
         Updated API Method doc to reflect the behavior.
1.04b  - In preparations for production release (scheduled for 1.05):
         Completed most of the Classic Interfaces and added the Extended FT API
         functions for BitBang modes etc.
         All EXPORTS were converted to constants.
         The package now handles packing and passing of the FT API UCHAR 
         parameters intended for limited-range numeric use, as UINTS and casts
         them back to proper type within the DLL, so as to avoid mangling
         values in Unicode-Character environments.