Sergey V. Kolychev


  • Net::RawIP - Perl extension for manipulate raw ip packets with interface to libpcap


Changes for version 0.05

  • has been added README.DEV - readme for the developers.
  • 0.04e Tue Feb 2 13:46:37 1999
    • have been added some defines in the util.c for compability with an old libpcap. Thanks to Seth
  • 0.04d Tue Feb 2 10:26:54 1999
    • has been implemented the function called "linkoffset"
    • reworked the functions which related to the send side for more flexibility
    • reworked the man page. I'd try to catch bugs in my horrible english ;))
    • small rework in the timem()
    • fixed bug in the "send" method related to the generic subclass
    • has been added the traceroute script
    • has been added the oshare script
  • 0.04c Thu Jan 28 15:47:45 1999
    • fix bug in timem() reported by
    • fix typo bug in the "get" method related to the generic subclass
  • 0.04b Thu Jan 28 09:40:47
    • fixes in the pod documentation
  • 0.04a Wed Jan 27 08:55:28 1999
    • fix small bug in udp_pkt_creat reported by Michail Litvak