Sergey V. Kolychev

Changes for version 0.06

  • has been added the man page for the interface to libpcap
  • 0.05f Mon Feb 22 09:52:20 1999
    • rdev has been modified for handle route to localhost on a systems with a bigendian byteorder
  • 0.05e Fri Feb 19 11:07:04 1999
    • an ethernet related methods are implemented on OpenBSD thanks to Stanislav Grozev <>
    • modified rdev for handle default on ppp devices with remote address non-compatible with netmask.Thanks to TTSG <>
    • change raw format for OpenBSD to RFC format. Thanks to Stanislav Grozev <>
  • 0.05d Thu Feb 18 14:34:38 1999
    • rdev function has been implemented on FreeBSD
    • an ethernet related methods are implemented on BSDI thanks to TTSG <>
    • ifaddrlist function returns and loopback now
    • added sleep for better discovering mac addresses
    • adapted rdev for 2.2.x Linux and for point-to-point devices on BSDish systems
  • 0.05c Wed Feb 10 18:37:25 1999
    • has been implemented the function rdev(addr) For now it work on Linux only
  • 0.05b Mon Feb 8 17:51:29 1999
    • a ethernet related methods are implemented on FreeBSD
    • added method pcapinit_offline from
  • 0.05a Thu Feb 4 19:26:46 1999
    • has been implemented the ifaddrlist function this code was imported with small modification from the Firewalk portscanner FIREWALK (c) 1998, Mike D. Schiffman <> Dave H. Goldsmith <> Not work on Solaris.
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  • Net::RawIP - Perl extension for manipulate raw ip packets with interface to libpcap