NAME Mozilla::Mechanize::Image

Mozilla::Mechanize::Image - Mimic WWW::Mechanize::Image


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The Mozilla::Mechanize::Image object is a thin wrapper around an image element.


Mozilla::Mechanize::Image->new($image_node, $moz)

Initialize a new object. $image_node is a Mozilla::DOM::HTMLElement (or a node that can be QueryInterfaced to one); specifically, it must be an HTMLImageElement or an HTMLInputElement whose type="image".

$moz is a Mozilla::Mechanize object. This is optional and currently unused.


Return the SRC attribute from the IMG tag.


Return 'IMG' for images.


Return the value of the width attribute. Only works for <img>.


Return the value of the height attribute. Only works for <img>.


Return the value alt attrubite.


Copyright 2005,2009 Scott Lanning <>. All rights reserved.

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