0.19    2020-04-13
- clear send buffer and performance improvements
  patch from Przemysław Iskra

0.18    2019-09-22
- trigger error on failed attempt sending data if 'fire_and_forget' is off
  patch from Anton Statutov

0.17    2016-07-15
- accept ->new({....}) in addition to ->new(....)
  patch from Dagfinn Ilmari Mannsåker (from Nov 2014, sorry I forgot about it)
- avoid error in case _socket is undef (e.g. never sent a metric before destroying)
  patch from Matt Koscica

0.16    2014-10-14
- add return_connect_error param to ->new for if you don't want ->connect to die
  patch from Petya Kohts

0.15    2014-09-15
- add path parameter to ->send
  patch from Matt Koscica

0.14    2013-12-16
- added the Changes file to MANIFEST (noticed by Sawyer X)
- patch from Ivan Kruglov to deal with interrupts during ->send

0.13    2013-08-30  (hackathon at booking.com)
- removed 'plaintext'; please use 'data' instead
- added ability to pass arbitrary data structures to 'data' param of send,
  along with a coderef for 'transformer' to turn it into plaintext;
  also there's a default transformer for hashes

0.12    2013-08-30  (hackathon at booking.com)
- added 'plaintext' parameter to send,
  for sending multi-line text instead of line-by-line

0.11    2013-02-26
- 'trace' option
  patch from Rafael Garcia-Suarez
- allow setting socket Proto and Timeout
  patch from Herald van der Breggen
- ->connect reconnects if not ->connected

0.10    2012-07-30
- added 'fire_and_forget' parameter to send to allow not dying on errors
- send multiple lines of data on the same socket
  (it'll keep the socket open; if you need to close it,
   use the new ->close method, or let your $graphite object go out of scope)

0.01    2012-06-17
- initial release