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Revision history for Perl extension P4::Client.
Head Rev - not yet released
	- Support for form parsing when using the tag and specstring 
	  protocol options. When both these options are in effect, the
	  data is returned to the caller as a hash containing the parsed
	  form in key => value format.
1.923	Fri Oct 05 2001
	- Better documentation on P4::UI class.
	- UI::OutputText() now respects the length parameter
	- Members of the hashref passed to OutputStat are no longer
	  mortal so that they will persist after OutputStat returns if
	  they are referenced by user code.
	- UI::OutputError() now blurts to stderr instead of stdout which
	  it should have from the start.
	- Win32 UI::Edit() now invokes notepad if nothing better has been
0.52  Thu Apr 05 2001
	- Fix by Gurusamy Sarathy <> to
	- Fixed minor bugs in Module now returns true on load and
	  new is no longer exported into the namespace of the caller (duh!)
	- Added an example script to help get people started.

0.51  Thu Feb 08
	- Ported to Win32 ( well Windows 2000 anyway )
	- Fixed building on Threaded perls like ActivePerl

0.50  Thu Jan 25
	- Renamed P4::ClientApi to P4::Client.

0.05  Mon Jan 15
	- Added AUTOLOAD functionality for Run method so that the 
	  Perforce commands can be used as methods directly. Also
	  pared down the export list as we don't want to export
	  anything at all.

	- First publicly available version released under BSD-like 

0.04  Thu Jan 11
	- Back ported to 5.005_003 and ported to FreeBSD. Now works on 
	  Linux and FreeBSD on perl 5.005_003 and perl 5.6.0

0.03  Fri Jan 5
	- Added in some features to make it easier to back port to
	  versions of Perl prior to 5.6. Still won't work on these older
	  versions though.

	- Massive rework. Now each instance of a P4::ClientApi object
	  has its own Error object and counts the Init and Final calls
	  so that destruction is clean. The object is now a blessed 
	  hash and the pointers are stored as IV members of the hash.
	  This means you can now declare and use as many P4::ClientApi
	  objects as you want without them treading on each others toes.
	  Should be thread-safe too, but that's not been tested.

	- Tweaked Makefile.PL so that the nasty bits of the build are
	  mostly in the hints file. Should make porting a bit easier

0.02  Thu Jan  4 
	- Added support for numeric arguments to P4::ClientApi::Run() to
	  make life easier on callers

	- Cleaned up destructor code to make it call ClientApi->Final() if
	  the number of initialisations exceeds the number of calls to
	  Final(). This prevents hangs when the object is destroyed without
	  calling Final() at the cost of ruining what little thread safety
	  we had ( not much ).

	- At the moment you can only have one P4::ClientApi object in
	  client programs. Yuk.

	- Improved documentation

0.01  Tue Jan  2
	- original version; 

	- Contains basic support for running p4 commands through 
	  the API.