PAR::Dist::InstallPPD - Installs PPM packages the PAR way

      use PAR::Dist::InstallPPD;
      # Creates a .par distribution of the Tk module in the
      # current directory based on the Tk.ppd file from the excellent
      # PPM repository.
      par_install_ppd(uri => '');

      # You could download the .ppd and .tar.gz files first and then do:
      par_install_ppd(uri => 'Tk.ppd', verbose => 1);
    This module creates PAR distributions from PPD XML documents which are
    used by ActiveState's "Perl Package Manager", short PPM. Then, it
    installs these newly created temporary .par files in the default
    location using PAR::Dist's "install_par" routine.

    Yes, that means you can install packages for the PPM without PPM.

    The module uses PAR::Dist::FromPPD to create the .par files.

    Please note that this code *works for me* but hasn't been tested to full

    By default, the "par_install_ppd" subroutine is exported to the caller's

    This is a list of all public subroutines in the module.

    This routine takes the same arguments as "ppd_to_par" from
    PAR::Dist::FromPPD except for the output directory. The details are
    reproduced below.

    The only mandatory parameter is an URI for the PPD file to parse.


      uri         => 'ftp://foo/bar' or 'file:///home/you/file.ppd', ...
      verbose     => 1/0 (verbose mode on/off)
      distname    => Override the distribution name
      distversion => Override the distribution version
      perlversion => Override the distribution's (minimum?) perl version
      arch        => Override the distribution's target architecture
      selectarch  => Regular Expression.
      selectperl  => Regular Expression.

    "arch" may also be set to "any_arch" and "perlversion" may be set to

    If a regular expression is specified using "selectarch", that expression
    is matched against the architecture settings of each implementation. The
    first matching implementation is chosen. If none matches, the
    implementations are tried in order of appearance. Of course, this
    heuristic is applied before any architecture overriding via the "arch"
    parameter is carried out.

    "selectperl" works the same as "selectarch", but operates on the
    (minimum) perl version of an implementation. If both "selectperl" and
    "selectarch" are present, "selectperl" operates on the implementations
    matched by "selectarch". That means "selectarch" takes precedence.

    The PAR::Dist module is used to create .par distributions and install
    them. The PAR::Dist::FromPPD module converts the PPD package

    PAR has a mailing list, <>, that you can write to; send an
    empty mail to <> to join the list and participate
    in the discussion.

    Please send bug reports to <>.

    The official PAR website may be of help, too:

    For details on the *Perl Package Manager*, please refer to ActiveState's
    website at <>.

    Steffen Mueller, <smueller at cpan dot org>

    Copyright (C) 2006 by Steffen Mueller

    This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
    under the same terms as Perl itself, either Perl version 5.6 or, at your
    option, any later version of Perl 5 you may have available.