1.10 04 Apr 2003 - Added 'binmode STDIN' on module load to correct for
                    windows defaulting to 7-bit filehandles. Fixed problem where
                    split would fail on unusual MIME boundary strings.
                    Problems noticed by Markus Wichitill.

                    Deferred loading of 'Carp' unless actually needed.

                    Small code cleanups.

                    Removed big disclaimer from .pm and moved
                    in pod to 'DISCLAIMERS' section
                    Added tests
 1.09 19 Mar 2002 - Exposed CGI::Minimal::reset_globals class method to support non-
                    mod_perl persistent execution environments.

 1.08 26 Jul 2001 - Added 'raw' method for obtaining a dump of the raw input buffer data
                    without any parsing. Seperated POD docs into a distinct .pod file.

 1.07 01 Dec 2000 - Added capability of taking a GET style parameter string
                    via STDIN if running at the command line.

 1.06 10 Apr 2000 - 'unfixed' use of quotemeta for splitting
                    multi-part forms. 'split' seems broken
                    according to the doc pages....

 1.05 03 Apr 2000 - Fixed breakage in 'param;' from 1.04 changes 

 1.04 03 Apr 2000 - Added capability to set params via the param() method
                    like 'CGI.pm' plus general code cleanup
 1.03 02 Mar 2000 - 'mod_perl' compatibility added 

 1.02 09 Jun 1999 - Initial public release.