2.31 2020.09.26 - Fix for Latin1/UTF8 issue in documentation.

        2.30 2020.06.20 - Cleanup for initial upload to GitHub. Version
                          numbers for all sub-modules synced on 2.30 for
                          consistency. Maintainer updated. Build.PL and
                          Makefile.PL updates. Addition of 'use warnings'
                          to all files. POD encoding error fix.

        0.84 2010.04.29 - Documentation fixes to the En stemmer and removal
                          of the accidentally included lib/Lingua/test.pl file
                          Thanks goes to Aaron Naiman for bringing the
                          documentation error to my attention and to
                          Alexandr Ciornii and 'kmx' for the pointing out
                          the problem with the test.pl file.

        0.83 2007.06.23 - Disabled Italian locale tests due to changes
                          in behavior of Lingua::Stem::It causing
                          test breakage

        0.82 2006.07.23 - Added 'stem_in_place' to base package.
                          Tweaks to documentation and build tests.

        0.81 2004.07.26 - Minor documentation tweak.

        0.80 2004.07.25 - Added support for Linuga::Stem::Ru

        0.70 2004.04.26 - Added support for Lingua::Stem::Fr and
                          documentation fixes for Lingua::Stem::Gl

        0.61 2003.09.28 - Documentation fixes. No functional changes.

        0.60 2003.04.05 - Added more locales by wrappering various stemming
                          implementations. Documented currently supported
                          list of locales.

        0.50 2000.09.14 - Fixed major implementation error. Starting with
                          version 0.30 I forgot to include rulesets 2,3 and 4
                          for Porter's algorithm. The resulting stemming results
                          were very poor. Thanks go to <csyap@netfision.com>
                          for bringing the problem to my attention. Unfortunately,
                          the fix inherently generates *different*
                          stemming results than 0.30 and 0.40 did. If you
                          need identically broken output - use locale 'en-broken'.

        0.40 2000.08.25 - Added stem caching support as an option. This
                          can provide a large speedup to the operation
                          of the stemmer. Caching is default turned off
                          to maximize compatibility with previous versions.

        0.30 1999.06.24 - Replaced core of 'En' stemmers with code from
                          Jim Richardson <jimr@maths.usyd.edu.au>
                          Aliased 'en-us' and 'en-uk' to 'en'
                          Fixed 'SYNOPSIS' to correct return value
                          type for stemmed words (SYNOPIS error spotted
                          by <Arved_37@chebucto.ns.ca>)

        0.20 1999.06.15 - Changed to '.pm' module, moved into Lingua:: namespace,
                          added OO interface, optionalized the export of routines
                          into the caller's namespace, added named parameter
                          initialization, stemming exceptions, autoloaded
                          locale support and isolated case flattening to
                          localized stemmers prevent i18n problems later.

                          Input and output text are assumed to be in UTF8
                          encoding (no operational impact right now, but
                          will be important when extending the module to