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Salvador Ortiz


  • JSPL::Tweaks - "JavaScriptification" tweaks for Perl modules
  • PerlArray - Encapsulate a Perl ARRAY in JavaScript space
  • PerlHash - Encapsulate a perl HASH in JavaScript space
  • PerlObject - Encapsulates generic perl objects in JavaScript space
  • PerlScalar - Encapsulate Perl SCALAR references in JavaScript
  • PerlSub - Encapsulate a perl CODE reference in JavaScript
  • jspl - JavaScript interpreter with perl powers



Changes for version 1.07

  • Add 'mozjs185' package-config file support, seen in Ubuntu 11
    • Thanks to Christiaan Kras for his report and help with testing.
  • Add support for XulRunner 9, that reintroduces visible JSScript and JS::Value
  • Fix for perls compiled without 64bit support, broken in 1.05